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Council Plan 2019/20




That Part 1 of the Council Plan 2019/20 be approved.



The Chief Executive introduced a report to adopt the recommendations of the Cabinet on  Part 1 of the Council Plan 2019/20.  He provided background information, as detailed in the report, and advised that the Council Plan was a statutory Plan which had to be approved by end of June.  Feedback on the draft Plan had been received from internal Member workshops, a survey, and the Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee. The Chief Executive thanked Members for their contribution and positive suggestions which had been incorporated where they were significant, were made on a Council function, and could be practically applied in year.  He said  Part 1 of the Plan was presented in final form for approval, as recommended by Cabinet without amendment. 


The Corporate Business and Communications Executive Officer referred to the core priorities, ambitions and  objectives which formed Part I of the Plan, and if agreed at Council, would lead to Part 2  which would develop the progress, and performance of the Plan.  She advised that Part 2 would be presented to Cabinet and Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee in July.  Once  endorsed Part 1 and Part 2 would be incorporated  into a digital graphical document and published on the Council’s website at the end of July.


The Chief Executive advised that the Plan was broadly structured to cover 5 years  but  would change year on year, however, if there was a need for fundamental change or a WG request received it could be added to.  He suggested that when Quarter 2 performance was considered around November this year an early debate took place around the priorities for next year and any significant adjustments could be  suggested alongside the budget setting process.  He also suggested that Overview and Scrutiny Committees may find it helpful to include parts of the Plan within their forward work programmes.


Councillor Ian Roberts moved the recommendation in the report to approve Part 1 of the Council Plan 2019/20.  He thanked all those who had attended and had input in the workshops and expressed thanks for the work of the Cross Party Working Group.   He asked Members to support approval of Part 1 of the Plan.  This was seconded by Councillor Billy Mullin.


 Councillor Patrick Heesom said he could not support approval of the Plan and referred to the commitment to the development of the traffic infrastructure and strategic transport plan.   He outlined a number of concerns and referred to the commitment to the ‘red route’ and commented on the need for a new approach to a highway corridor which leads from the back of the Deeside Industrial Park.  He asked that further work be done to provide  a road transport infrastructure which enabled access from the west end of the County and  Denbighshire across the river to the back of the Deeside Industrial Park.  The Chief Executive noted the views expressed by Councillor Heesom and explained that the issues raised around trunk roads were not in the Council Plan as it was not a Council function. He commented on how the Council worked with WG on its functions and decisions.


Councillor Mike Peers commented that the workshop on the Council Plan had been helpful and suggested that it be followed up by a report on matters discussed and agreed and the actions arising.  He referred to implementation of the digital strategy  under the theme Ambitious Council and reference to the regional digital strategy and the digital strategy itself.  He also referred to page  63 of the report and the  growth deal infrastructure including digital strategy, and suggested it might be useful to link in the timescales to the Growth Deal. 


Councillor Peers referred to the Council Plan tracker report and the theme Supportive Council - sub priority quantity of private rented sector, and said he could not find a cross reference to this on page 58 in the report under the in-year priorities for 2019/20 or under Housing.  He continued that under the sub priority fuel poverty on page 60 of the report it had originally referred to reducing Carbon Reduction (CO2) emissions  in 2018/19 - but there was no reference to this and it had been moved within the Council Plan to another priority and was not cross referenced. 


Councillor Richard Jones suggested that the Council Plan themes should revert back to the portfolio names to make the Council Plan easier to understand and challenge.  The Chief Executive acknowledged the point and said some information was themed and some portfolio and cut across.  He said there would be a user guide to help navigate the Plan.




That Part 1 of the Council Plan 2019/20 be approved.


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