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Agile Working Policy / Flexible Working Hours Scheme

Meeting: 13/05/2014 - Cabinet (Item 227)


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As detailed in the recommendations.


The Cabinet Member for Corporate Management introduced the proposed changes to the Flexible Working Hours scheme and the implementation of an Agile Working Policy.


There was an increasing demand for the Council to deliver services at times when they were most needed by the Flintshire residents and customers and that required a change to the flexible working arrangements that were in operation.  The priority for the organisation was to ensure that service delivery was protected and greater flexibility was developed to better meet the changing needs of customers.


The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development said the introduction of agile working practices aimed to improve service delivery, increase employee engagement and optimise the use of workspace whilst improving the work life balance of employees.  Agile working practices were also a key enabler for achieving the objectives of the Council’s Asset Management Strategy.


The Council had already operated a number of pilot agile working projects in front line services such as Housing, Public Protection and Revenues and Benefits.  Employees had adopted agile working styles of operation and the core hours under the Flexible Working Hours Scheme had been temporarily relaxed.  Without exception, the managers and the teams had identified significantly improved levels of performance and productivity, re-energised and engaged employees, better accessibility of services for customers and improved worklife balance for employees.  There had been valuable learning from which other services could benefit and there was now a need to underpin the new working practices with formal policies and procedures.


The Chief Executive added that the Trade Unions had been involved throughout the drafting of the agile working and flexible working hours policies which had been fully supported.


The Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance said, following consideration of the item at Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee the previous week, he felt those Members would benefit from a presentation from the managers who have been involved in the pilots to date.




(a)       That the two policies, Agile Working and Flexible Hours Scheme, be approved, as success of each is dependent on both being implemented in tandem; and


(b)       That the ethos of agile and flexible working styles to modernise working practices, to improve the accessibility of services to customers and to act as a key enabler for the Council’s Asset Management Strategy be supported and endorsed.