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Presentation by Natural Resources Wales

Meeting: 11/06/2014 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Expired 13/07/20 (Item 4)

Presentation by Natural Resources Wales

To receive a presentation from Natural Resources Wales.  


That the presentation be received.                                 



The Chair introduced Nick Thomas and Richard Weston from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Phil Harrison, Regional Emergency Planning Manager to the Committee. 


                        Nick Thomas and Richard Weston jointly provided a presentation to the Committee on NRWs Work in Flintshire.  The main features of the presentation were:-


·         Who we are

·         Our purpose

·         Landowner and Land Manager

·         Outdoor Recreation

·         Water Framework Directive

·         River Alyn Water Framework Directive Project

·         Fisheries Management

·         Designating Authority

·         Species Management

·         Rights of Way

·         Dee Estuary Regional Park

·         Flintshire Coastal Tourism Potential Challenges

·         Statutory Consultee on planning applications

·         Environmental Regulation

·         Compliance and Enforcement

·         The River Dee

·         Incident Management

·         Flood Risk Management

The Regional Emergency Planning Manager provided a detailed background to the work of the Regional Emergency Planning Team which was due to commence on 1 July 2014.  He explained that the six North Wales Local Authorities had signed up to provide a Regional Emergency Planning Team which consisted of ten employees with a Manager and a Deputy.  The Team was based at two hubs, one for Flintshire, Denbighshire & Wrexham and the other for Ynys Mon, Gwynedd and Conwy and would work closely with NRW and would have close links with the Local Resilience Forum.  The Team would introduce best practices across the region and part of the role would involve close working with Elected Members to provide them with information for their residents on issues of concern such as flooding. 


Councillor Paul Shotton raised concern about the erosion at Wepre Gate and the sand dunes at Talacre.  He also asked questions on licences for cockling; the Northern Gateway site; funding for flooding and dredging in rivers.  In response, Mr. Weston said that erosion works were carried out where land defences were affected and requested that Councillor Shotton discuss Wepre Gate with him following the meeting.  Work on the sand dunes had been undertaken but discussions were ongoing on future works.  On the issue of funding for flooding, he indicated that there had been no change in the funding streams (one from revenue and the other from capital) since the formation of NRW but a restructure of the service was to be undertaken which could affect the funding streams.  Mr. Thomas said that the issue of flooding was likely to worsen in the coming years but explained that significant sums of money had been spent on flood defences and identifying land management issues which could help to reduce flooding problems.  He felt that dredging in certain places was appropriate but that widespread dredging of rivers was not suitable.  Mr. Weston explained that outline planning permission had been granted on the Northern Gateway site and NRW were working with WG on flood defence works and WG were funding sheet piling works which would remove the issue of breaching the flood defences.  Mr. Thomas advised that 50 licences had been issued for cockling and added that the restriction of cockling to those with a licence was a better arrangement than had previously been in place. 


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