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Environment Improvement Plan 2014/15

Meeting: 11/06/2014 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Expired 13/07/20 (Item 6)

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            That the report be received.



The Performance Team Leader introduced a report to consider the content of the draft Improvement Plan 2014/15 and the “How achievement will be measured” document prior to submission to Cabinet on 17 June 2014 and endorsement by County Council on 24 June 2014. 


                        Councillor Nancy Matthews referred to page 36 on the Transport Infrastructure and Services sub-priority and said that people being able to access employment, local services and facilities was the most important part of the plan.  The Chair concurred and raised concerns at the lack of bus services after 6pm in semi rural and rural areas. 


                        Councillor Paul Shotton welcomed the continuation of the Dragons Den initiative, the Young Entrepreneur Programme and the Shuttle Bus Service.  He also commented on the Business Sector Growth and the securing of jobs in Flint and new job opportunities becoming available in Buckley.     




            That the report be received.