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Lifelong Learning Forward Work Programme

Meeting: 19/06/2014 - Lifelong Learning OSC - Expired 07/05/15 (Item 8)

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That subject to the above the Forward Work Programme be agreed.



The Housing and Learning Overview and Scrutiny Facilitator introduced the Forward Work Programme of the Committee.  The Facilitator informed members that the Committee workshop which had been scheduled for 24 July 2014, had been changed to a formal meeting.  The Facilitator explained that she would write to the Committee to advise of the items proposed for consideration next year and invite members to add any further items they wished to be taken into account onto the forward work programme.      


   The Chairman suggested that the meeting of the Committee arranged for 25 September 2014, be held at Trelawnyd Voluntary Aided Church in Wales Primary School.    Members would be invited to arrive at the School at 1.30 pm in order to be given a tour of the building before the Committee meeting started at 2.00 p.m.  


Members reviewed the current programme and agreed that the following items be considered at the next meeting on 24 July 2014:  


·         Inclusion Service review

·         Year End Service Performance Report

·         Year End Improvement Plan Monitoring Report


Councillor Marion Bateman asked that the Committee also receive a  report on school security as part of the regular item on Health and Safety in Schools which would  be considered by the Committee at a future meeting.


Councillor Nancy Matthews suggested that it would be helpful if a literacy and numeracy test paper was circulated to the Committee for information.     The Chief Officer agreed to undertake this task and  suggested that a workshop he held for the Committee later in the year, and that primary headteachers be invited to attend, to consider literacy and numeracy in more detail.




That subject to the above the Forward Work Programme be agreed.