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Capital Programme 2013/14 (Outturn)

Meeting: 15/07/2014 - Cabinet (Item 32)

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As detailed in the recommendations.


The Corporate Finance Manager provided Members with the Capital Programme 2013/14 outturn information which was subject to audit.


Changes during the period had resulted in a net decrease in the programme from that reported at Month 9 of £1.914m (a Council Fund (CF) decrease of £2.662m, partially offset by a Housing Revenue Account (HRA) increase of £0.748m).  A summary of the changes, showing any major individual items, was listed in the table in the report.


Outturn expenditure across the whole of the programme was £37.975m, with the breakdown of expenditure analysed in the table contained in the report. 


To date, rollover of £6.011m had been approved by Cabinet into 2014/15 as part of previous monitoring reports, which had been partially offset by £0.181m being returned to 2013/14, leaving a net rollover total of £5.830m.  Of the £0.181m, the majority (£0.128m) related to expenditure on Town Centre Regeneration which was incurred in 2013/14 rather than 2014/15 as previously anticipated.


Further rollover at outturn of £1.904m had been identified and was included in Appendix B to the report.  This reflected reviewed spending plans across all programme areas with committed amounts identified as required to meet costs of programme works in 2014/15.


The final outturn position for capital receipts was £2.470m which represented a decrease from the original budget of £3.700m of £1.230m, partially offset by the £0.038m of unallocated funding when the 2013/14 budget was set.




(a)       That the report be noted and approved; and


(b)       That the rollover adjustments be approved.