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Certification of Grant Claims and Returns 2012/13

Meeting: 24/09/2014 - Audit Committee (Item 33)

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That the content of the Grant Claim Certification for 2012/13 be noted.


The Corporate Finance Manager introduced the annual report on the grant claim certification for the year ending 31 March 2013.  He confirmed that the findings of the report had been considered by the Corporate Finance Management Team and that appropriate actions had been put in place in conjunction with the managers of relevant services.


The report by Wales Audit Office (WAO) was presented by Ms. Amanda Hughes who confirmed that whilst the Council had generally adequate arrangements in place for the production and submission of its 2012/13 grant claims, there was scope for improvement which was being progressed.  She referred to the interactive training sessions held with Council officers which had been well received and had led to WAO giving individual feedback to relevant officers on each particular grant claim.


The overall grants total for 2012/13 was reported to be £190m with a £0.066m net adjustment to claims relatively small in proportion to the total.  Of the 31 grant claims certified during this period, 17 were unqualified and 14 qualified.  Ten of the grant claims had been submitted late, however it was noted that nine of these related to Communities First claims where the Council had retrospective approval for late submission.  Following a request previously made, the summary of certification work outcomes included an additional column to show the result from the previous year’s report for comparison.  Ms. Hughes drew attention to the five recommendations in the WAO report and hoped that the more detailed feedback and training provided would impact positively on the grant claim certification for 2013/14.


Councillor Alison Halford asked for clarification on the delay relating to the claim for the North East Wales Town Regeneration Project.  Ms. Hughes was unable to provide a response to this specific question but commented that delays resulting from submission issues sometimes applied to European claims.


In response to a question from Councillor Haydn Bateman, Ms. Hughes gave examples of various issues which could impact on the verification of claims.


The Corporate Finance Manager responded to queries from Councillor Ian Roberts on Communities First claims, explaining that claims for 2012/13 included those up to 31 March 2013.  Councillor Roberts said that with the prospect of local government re-organisation, clear guidelines would be needed on the disposal of assets.  Ms. Hughes said that officers should be aware of the requirements and conditions relating to each grant.




That the content of the Grant Claim Certification for 2012/13 be noted.