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Workforce Information Quarter 1 and 2

Meeting: 16/12/2014 - Cabinet (Item 99)

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As detailed in the recommendation.


The Chief Officer (People and Resources) provided an update for the first and second quarters for 2014/15 which provided details of the following:


·         Headcount and Full Time Equivalent

·         Organisational Age Profile

·         Employee Turnover and Stability (including redundancies and early retirement)

·         Attendance (including 100% attendance)

·         Performance Appraisals and Development

·         Resource Management (including recruitment and agency workers)

·         Equality and Diversity


The format of the report and the accompanying workforce information had been redeveloped to focus on the organisational performance and trends, with the information being presented in a dashboard format.  The dashboards were designed to be a visual presentation of data, showing the current status and historical trends of the Council’s performance against key performance indicators.


The dashboards created were an interim measure before the implementation of new Business Intelligence software.  The software would further enhance the visualisation of data and also provide an opportunity to use interactive dashboards which would enable Members to focus on more detailed information.




That the Workforce Information Report for quarters 1 and 2 be noted.