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Health & Safety in Schools

Meeting: 23/10/2014 - Lifelong Learning OSC - Expired 07/05/15 (Item 30)

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That the report be noted.



The Chairman welcomed and introduced Celia Meredith, Health and Safety Advisor for Education.  He invited her to present a report on accidents and incidents in schools during the academic year 1 September 2013 to 31 August 2014, and a summary of the actions taken by the Council to support schools in achieving healthy and safe environments.


The Health and Safety Advisor provided background information and context and reported on the number of accidents/incident report forms received for the above academic year.  She referred to the number of accidents reported to the Health and Safety Executive under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), and the type of incidents and injuries received.


The Health and Safety Advisor explained that school accidents and incidents were required to be reported to Corporate Health and Safety regardless of severity of injury.  She advised that she monitored all accident and incident reports and followed up or investigated where necessary to ensure causes were identified and remedial action implemented to prevent recurrence.  In response to the queries raised by members the Health and Safety Advisor explained that schools were encouraged to report all accidents and incidents arising on school premises including those which occurred out of school hours.


Councillor Stella Jones referred to the issue of asbestos management in schools.   The Health and Safety Advisor referred to new guidance issued by the Welsh Government  in February 2014 on Asbestos Management in Schools to ensure that head teachers and school governors were aware of requirements in respect of asbestos management procedures and legislation.  She confirmed that all schools had been surveyed and all school premises issued with a current school asbestos survey containing a register of any asbestos containing materials, location and condition.  Any asbestos containing materials in schools had been risk assessed and where appropriate removed or encapsulated to prevent exposure.




That the report be noted.