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Prioritisation of Highway Improvement Schemes and Traffic Regulation Order Variations

Meeting: 16/10/2014 - Cabinet (Item 65)

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As detailed in the recommendations.


The Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment introduced the evaluation matrix for use to assess and prioritise all Highway Improvement Schemes.  Also presented was the evaluation matrix for assessing and prioritising Traffic Regulation Order related requests.


            The authority had a list, complied over many years, of highway locations which had been the subject of requests for highway improvements from various sources.  These schemes had been logged but were not subjected to any prioritisation or evaluation. 


It was proposed to apply the evaluation matrix to quantify both the scale of the current problem and to calculate the benefits of the improvement.  The matrix would produce a numerical assessment or value for the schemes allowing a true comparison and subsequent prioritisation of the various projects across the County to be produced. This would ensure the scheme in most need was carried out, subject to the availability of budgets.


            Following adoption of the Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) powers in 2013, there were constant demands from local Members, Town and Community Council’s and residents to review, relax or provide new Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) to control parking on various streets and roads across the County.


            There was currently no mechanism to prioritise those requests for TRO amendments and this had resulted in frustration for the individual or organisation requesting the change.  With restrictions on funding, no indication of the likely date for considering requests could be provided and the scheme would be added to a long list of similar requests.


            It was proposed that a second evaluation matrix be introduced to evaluate each enquiry in order to produce a defined priority order for TRO variation requests.  This would also produce a numeric score for each of the proposals to allow a true comparison and priority list to be produced. 




(a)       That the Highway Improvement evaluation matrix which will be used to evaluate and prioritise future Highway Improvements bids to Welsh Government (WG) and the Council’s own capital works programme be approved; and


(b)       That the Traffic Regulation Order evaluation matrix which will be used to prioritise Traffic Regulation Order amendment, variations and requests to provide new Traffic Regulation Orders be approved.