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School Balances

Meeting: 04/12/2014 - Lifelong Learning OSC - Expired 07/05/15 (Item 39)

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That the action taken and continued decrease in Flintshire schools’ balances be endorsed and noted.  



The Finance Manager Lifelong Learning  introduced a report on Flintshire school balances for year ending March 2014.  She provided background information and advised that the overall position for Flintshire schools was a decrease in  net surplus balances from March 2013 to March 2014 and a decrease in overall balances.  The balances for each school in  Flintshire as at the end of March 2014 were detailed in an appendix to the report. 


             The Finance Manager advised that there had been a robust challenge of schools with balances over the recommended limits and those schools had submitted spending plans.  As a result there were no plans to claw back any balances from schools. 


            During discussion a number of concerns were raised by members concerning schools which held excess balances and those which had a deficit budget.  The Finance Manager explained that school balances needed to be considered in the context of the likely pressures on school budgets in the coming financial years.  The Authority had targeted high balances but was mindful of the risk of financial pressures and the resilience of schools which may require some flexibility in the future.  She advised that schools now received 3 year budgets which would assist them in their planning strategy.  Regarding the concerns raised around the setting of a deficit budget the Finance Manager explained how the issue of a deficit budget would be addressed.


Councillor Marion Bateman suggested that the work carried out by Sychdyn Primary School be used as an example to other primary schools in assisting them to reach a balanced budget.




That the action taken and continued decrease in Flintshire schools’ balances be endorsed and noted.