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The Council's Bus Subsidy, Review of the Demand Responsive Travel Arrangements and the Introduction of an Integrated Transportation Unit

Meeting: 23/04/2015 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Expired 13/07/20 (Item 56)

56 The Council's Bus Subsidy, Review of the Demand Responsive Travel Arrangements and the Introduction of an Integrated Transportation Unit pdf icon PDF 80 KB

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(a)       That the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee  welcomes the proposed revisions to the subsidised Bus Service and supports the proposed development of community transport services;


(b)       That the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee welcomes the proposals for the Deeside Shuttle Service;


(c)        That the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee welcomes the realignment of all operational service delivery areas in order to establish the Integrated Transport Unit (ITU) within the Streetscene  & Transportation portfolio;


(d)       That the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee supports the engagement of a suitably qualified business partner on a gain share basis to assist with the assessment and delivery of the financial benefit which will be derived from the new ITU;


(e)       That the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee requests a further update on the new arrangements in 12 months time; and


(f)        That the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee will host  an all Member workshop, to which Community & Town Council representatives will be invited, to identify and understand the required level of service needed on each route.    




The Transportation Manager introduced a report on the forthcoming review of the County’s subsidised bus service and to seek support for work to commence with local communities to deliver local community based transport arrangements.  The report also advised on the proposals to remove the Council’s subsidy for the bookable Demand Responsive Travel (DRT) service, known locally as the Deeside Shuttle, and to develop options for the introduction of a non-subsidised commercial bus service to replace the service.  The Committee was also advised of the introduction of an Integrated transport Unit within the Streetscene and Transportation portfolio.


The Transportation Manager provided background information and referred to the key considerations and next steps which were detailed in the report.  She advised that a further update report on the new arrangements would be provided to the Committee in 12 months time.


Members were invited to raise questions.


Referring to the review of subsidised bus services the Chair suggested that  tickets should be made inter-changeable between service providers to assist the public to travel more efficiently.  She referred to an all Member workshop to be hosted by the Committee to consider identifying core routes across the County and the required frequency and standard of service each route should provide.  The Chair requested that Community and Town Council representatives be invited to attend the workshop to provide input on local knowledge and the level of service needed.   


Councillor Peter Curtis welcomed the proposals and the suggestion put forward by the Chair that tickets should be inter-changeable between providers.   He referred to the need for commercial bus companies to work in cooperation with each other to enhance the number and quality of services available and avoid duplication of timetables and routes.  He reiterated the comments expressed by the Chair that it was important to include Town and Community Councils through workshop consultation to obtain valuable local knowledge and requirement. 


The Transportation Manager acknowledged the points made and referred to work already undertaken to engage Town and Community Councils and gave an assurance that this would continue.


Councillor Paul Shotton commented on the success of the Deeside Shuttle Service and the continued increase in passenger journeys which was expected to rise again in 2014-15.  He referred to the purpose of the Shuttle Service which was introduced to transport workers to Deeside Industrial Park and emphasised the need to ensure that any replacement service would still meet the needs of individuals to get to work, including shift-work, in the area. Councillor Shotton asked if employers on Deeside Industrial Park had been approached to ask if they were prepared to make a contribution towards the cost of transportation for their employees.  The Cabinet Member for Environment and the Transportation Manager acknowledged the points and concerns raised and advised that work had already commenced on engaging local companies which would be taken forward.


Councillor Nancy Matthews commented on the priorities of the bus service in terms of getting people to work, school, shopping, appointments, and leisure facilities.  She referred  ...  view the full minutes text for item 56