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053080 - Full Application - Erection of 6 No. Apartments with Associated Access and Parking at 1 Queen Street, Queensferry

Meeting: 20/05/2015 - Planning & Development Control Committee (Item 7)

7 Full Application - Erection of 6 No. Apartments with Associated Access and Parking at 1 Queen Street, Queensferry (053080) pdf icon PDF 109 KB

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            That planning permission be refused because of the objection from Natural Resources Wales (as reported in paragraphs 7.13, 7.14 and 7.15).   




The Committee considered the report of the Chief Officer (Planning and Environment) in respect of this application.  The usual consultations had been undertaken and the responses received detailed in the report.  Additional comments received since the preparation of the report were circulated at the meeting.


            The officer detailed the background to the report and explained that the application had been deferred at the 22 April 2015 meeting to request confirmation from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) as to why this proposal was considered differently to that of a nearby development (reference 051988).  The report addressed NRW’s response and paragraphs 7.13 and 7.14 detailed the different considerations for the two applications. 


            Mrs. S. Speechley spoke against the application.  She said that the site had previously been used as a garden and added that NRW had indicated that the application failed to comply with A1.14 of TAN15.  It had been suggested at the meeting on 22 April 2015 that NRW had been inconsistent in their determination of this proposal and application 051988.  Mrs. Speechley said that the plans failed to show the alleyway which measured 4.8 metres and narrowed to 3.6 metres, in which cars would turn into the site opposite the gate to her garden which she felt was dangerous.  Scaffolding which had been erected on her house currently obstructed half the alleyway and would therefore prevent any vehicles entering the proposed site whilst the scaffolding was in place if approval was granted.  Mrs. Speechley also felt that the proposal was dangerous and impractical for pedestrians as a footway would not be put in place from the site. 


            Mr. J. Paul, the agent for the applicant, spoke in support of the application.  He felt that the concerns raised had been addressed and he provided details of the proposed ridge height compared to properties on Chester Road and Queen Street.  He said that invasion of privacy would not be an issue and he raised concern about the suggested inconsistency by NRW which had been highlighted at the previous meeting.  He also spoke of the concerns raised about possible flood risk which he felt had been addressed.  He added that the proposal would allow for a quality designed solution which would help to address the lack of five year housing land supply.              


            Councillor Chris Bithell proposed the recommendation for approval which was duly seconded.  He spoke of the discussions that had been undertaken at the previous meeting and said that there were no planning reasons to refuse the application.  He commented on the objection raised by NRW when they had not objected to a site nearby and queried whether the inconsistency could be raised with NRW.  The Development Manager advised that if the application was approved, NRW could consider whether to ask for the application to be called-in and added that officers were comfortable with the recommendation. 


            Councillor Christine Jones raised concern at the inconsistency of NRW as both this site and the nearby site that they had not objected to were in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7