Issue - meetings

Single Status

Meeting: 16/06/2015 - Cabinet (Item 36)

Single Status


As detailed in the recommendations.


The Chief Executive presented the closure report on the Single Status project and outlined the work-streams to be continued post project closure.  He also reported the financial outcomes of the implementation of the Single Status Agreement.




(a)       That the Project Closure Report be received to formally close the Single Status Project;


(b)       That plans for the closure of the incomplete work-streams be approved:

  • Completion of COT3 signings;
  • Completion of appeals and maintenance applications;
  • Completion of negotiations and agreement of issued Equal Pay claims;
  • Re-issue of contracts of employment; and
  • Completion of the review of relief workers and any accrued rights


(c)        That the governance arrangements for maintaining the Single Status Agreement be approved;


(d)       That the financial reconciliation for the Equal Pay/Single Status Financial Reserve be noted;


(e)       That the balance remaining in the Equal Pay/Single Status Financial Reserve be set aside as firstly a contingency for any future liabilities arising from the incomplete work-streams and secondly, as an earmarked reserve for the payment of the next phase of exit costs for employees leaving the employment of the Council through the voluntary redundancy programme or as a consequence of service reviews flowing from the portfolio business plans for 2015/16 – 2017/18;


(f)        That Welsh Government be advised that capitalisation will no longer be needed to assist with the costs of settling Equal Pay; and


(g)       That the updated financial forecast for the future year impacts of the Single Status Agreement to be included in the revised Medium Term Financial Strategy be noted.