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Capital Programme 2017/18 (Month 9)

Meeting: 20/02/2018 - Cabinet (Item 138)

138 Capital Programme 2017/18 (Month 9) pdf icon PDF 157 KB

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As detailed in the recommendations.


The Corporate Finance Manager introduced the Capital Programme 2017/18 (Month 9) report which summarised changes made to the Capital Programme since September 2017 (Month 6) to the end of December 2017 (Month 9), along with expenditure to date and projected outturn.


            The report contained details on changes since budget approval; carry forward from 2016/17; changes during this period; capital expenditure compared to budget; and carry forward into 2018/19.


            Councillor Shotton commented on the request for approval for an increase of £0.400m in the prudential borrowing allocation for Aura Leisure and Libraries for schemes outlined in the report, which was pleasing to see.




(a)       That the report be approved;


(b)       That the additional Prudential Borrowing of £0.400m in regard to AURA capital works be approved; and


(c)        That the carry forward adjustments be approved.