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Quarters 1 & 2 Council Plan 2017/18 Monitoring Report

Meeting: 16/11/2017 - Social & Health Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 32)

32 Council Plan 2017/18 - Mid year monitoring pdf icon PDF 120 KB

To review the levels of progress in the achievement of activities, performance levels and current risk levels as identified in the Council Plan 2017/18.


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That the Council Plan 2017/18 Mid-Year Monitoring Report be noted.


The Chief Officer (Social Services) introduced a report to present the mid-year monitoring of progress for the Council Plan priority ‘Supportive Council’ relevant to the Committee.  He advised that it was a positive report with 88% of activities being assessed as making good progress and 67% likely to achieve the desired outcome.  In addition 65% of the performance indicators met or exceeded target.  The Chief Officer advised that risks were also being successfully managed, with the majority being assessed as moderate or minor, and reported on the major risks as detailed in the report.  


Referring to the Council Plan 2017/18 Mid-Year Progress Report which was appended to the report, and the performance indicator on the number of adult carers identified, Councillor Hilary McGuill asked how Flintshire could be certain the target had been met as there were many unidentified carers within the Authority area. The Chief Officer acknowledged that there would be some adult carers that the Authority would not be aware of, however, the information had been provided by NEWCIS  and  work continued to improve the capture of carers data by NEWCIS.


In response to the further query from Councillor Hilary McGuill around the  percentage of child protection referrals that resulted in “no further action” the Senior Manager, Children and Workforce  explained the background to the performance indicator and the need to lower the figure. He also  explained that the Early Help Hub had not been in place during April, May, and June, and that the aim was to have a figure under 35 which should be achievable now that the Early Help Hub had been established.  He confirmed that early indications were that the Hub was successful and that a report would be provided  to a future meeting of the Committee.




            That the Council Plan 2017/18 Mid-Year Monitoring Report be noted.