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North East Wales (NEW) Homes Business Plan 2018/27

Meeting: 27/06/2018 - Community and Enterprise Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 13)

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That the NEW Homes Business Plan 2018/27 be noted.


The Service Manager, Housing Programmes, introduced a report on the North East Wales (NEW) Homes Business Plan 2018/27 which had been approved by Cabinet in May.  The report detailed progress on the Strategic Housing and Regeneration Programme (SHARP) and the process for approving new lending to NEW Homes for the development or purchase of affordable homes.  The Business Plan - which was included as a confidential appendix on the agenda - detailed housing to be developed through the SHARP programme, Section 106 properties and potential properties acquired through borrowing against existing assets.


As Deputy Chair of NEW Homes, Councillor Sean Bibby provided an overview of the key points.  He referred to the financial appraisal requirements and commented on positive working relationships between partners to facilitate the delivery of high-quality housing at affordable rents.  An update was also given on the managed lettings service which contributed towards the Council’s corporate objective on the provision of affordable housing in the private sector.


In response to a question from Councillor Dolphin, the Service Manager explained the approach to managed lettings and advised that no major repairs to properties had been required to date.  He added that the practice of undertaking quarterly inspections helped to identify any issues at an early stage.


Councillor Attridge commented on the effectiveness of the high-intensity management programme by NEW Homes to deal with tenancy issues.


In welcoming the positive report, Councillor Hardcastle thanked the Service Manager and his team for their achievements.


Councillor Paul Shotton said it was pleasing to note the affordability of rent levels set by NEW Homes and that new regulations on letting fees could be of benefit.


Councillor Ron Davies praised the partnership with the appointed contractors, Wates, who were providing an excellent service.


Councillor Palmer asked if the Committee could be represented on the NEW Homes Board.  The Service Manager explained the composition of the Board which included cross-party representation from five Members.


Councillor Attridge alluded to the former Chief Officer (Community & Enterprise) as a key driver in the establishment of the new company, along with the Service Manager and his team.  He spoke about the prospect of future growth of the company.




That the NEW Homes Business Plan 2018/27 be noted.