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Council Plan 2018/19 – Mid Year Monitoring

Meeting: 20/12/2018 - Education and Youth Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 31)

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That the report be noted.


                        The Chief Officer introduced a report to present the monitoring of progress at the mid-year point 2018/19 for the Council Plan priority ‘Learning Council’ relevant to the Committee.


                        The Chief Officer advised that the mid-year monitoring report showed that 88% of activities were making good progress with 81% likely to achieve their planned outcomes.  79% of the performance indicators had met or exceeded their targets.  Risks were being managed with a minority of 18% being assessed as major.  The report was an exception based report and therefore focussed on the areas of under-performance. 


                        The Chief Officer referred to the performance progress report which was appended to the report.  Referring to indicator she advised that there was currently only one school in an Estyn statutory category of concern.  The Chief Officer also referred to the risks associated with Additional Learning Needs reforms and advised that a report would be submitted to the meeting of the Committee scheduled on 16 May, to provide an update on the legislative changes.  The Chief Officer advised that the sustainability of grant funding for education continued to pose a significant and live risk in a number of areas and referred to the Teachers’ Pay Award for 2018-19 and 2019-20, increased employer pension contributions, and grant funding for schools. 


                        In response to the comments raised by Councillor Patrick Heesom concerning the provision of Youth Services in his area, the Chief Officer explained that the Authority was meeting its statutory requirements and was providing high level services to meet the future needs of young people.  She emphasised that the lack of funding was a national issue and therefore the service had to be more creative in the way youth services were provided going forward.  


Mr David Hytch commented on the backlog of known repair and maintenance works within the schools portfolio.  The Chief Officer acknowledged the points made by Mr. Hytch and explained that schools were informed of their position in terms of repair and maintenance works being undertaken through the detailed information on the condition survey report for repairs and maintenance of each individual school across Flintshire.




            That the report be noted.