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Meeting: 18/10/2018 - Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 47)

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That the report be noted.


The Democratic Services Manager presented the report detailing progress on actions arising from previous meetings.  The format had been updated to include timescales as previously requested.


As a further update on actions from the July meeting, all Members were encouraged to complete the Welsh Language survey on which 54 responses had been received to date.


In an outstanding action from the September meeting, officers said that copies of the inspection report of the Flintshire bridge would be shared by the following day.  Councillor Heesom explained that his request for the report was in the context of the viability of the bridge as a conduit for a major highways infrastructure issue.  The Chief Executive said that the report would be circulated to all Members of the Committee.  Welsh Government plans to adopt the bridge as part of the trunk road network would remove any future maintenance liability on the Council.


Councillors Heesom and McGuill welcomed the recent portfolio budget workshops which had been requested by Members.  The Chief Executive thanked the Corporate Finance Manager and his team for their input, and advised that work was underway on the list of specific issues identified at the workshops which would be circulated to all Members.




That the report be noted.