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Educational Attainment of Looked After Children in Flintshire

Meeting: 25/07/2019 - Joint Education & Youth and Social & Health Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 6)

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(a)       For Members to actively engage as Corporate Parents for LAC, promoting awareness and challenging provision within Flintshire educational settings; and


(b)       For Members to actively encourage all educational staff to promote the educational welfare of LAC within Flintshire establishments at a ‘whole school level’



            The Senior Manager (Inclusion & Progression) introduced the report and referred to the executive summary which detailed information on the outcomes.  The definition was provided by Welsh Government and the cut-off date was the 16th January, 2019.  If a young person was LAC by this date then these outcomes related to them.  She then referred Members to point 1.02 in the report which provided a breakdown of where pupils were placed (keeping as many as possible in mainstream schools with 110 out of the 140 pupils in secondary education).  She then gave information on the outcomes, attendance rates and exclusion rates together with the allocation of the pupil development grant allocated for the children with schools able to draw funding for bursaries or to collaborate to benefit more children.


            The Chair referred to page 198 where 5 of the looked after children did not achieve key stage 2 qualifications and asked what had been put in place to assist these children.  In response the Senior Manager (Inclusion & Progression) confirmed there was a range of support provided such literacy and therapeutic for example.


            Councillor Dave Mackie commented that the results were better than in previous years and hoped this continued.  He thought it had been agreed that this would be looked at on a “Value Added” basis as he felt having a broader explanation of why the results were not so good would provide a better explanation.   In response the Senior Manager (Inclusion & Progression) confirmed this was the same format as last year but it could be reported with “value added” going forward.  The Chief Officer (Social Services) understood Councillor Mackie’s point and suggested going forward providing overall figures and maybe with some case studies which highlighted a start and finish point to provide information on the value added. 


            Councillor Dave Healey informed Committee that he had been asked by Shaun Hingston, a co-opted member of the Education and Youth Overview & Scrutiny Committee representing the Flintshire Youth Council, to make the following statement in his absence.


“The following statement outlines his beliefs on the agenda items concerning Looked After Children and their educational attainment. He states the following: ‘It is my firm belief that the Draft Support and Placement Strategy 2019-2020 is a strategy that clearly outlines what this Local Authority must put in place in order to maintain their excellent track record of ensuring the safety, and academic attainment, of looked after children. The figures throughout this agenda reflect the ability of this Council to meet the high standards that it sets for itself, and is made to follow under legislation.


‘I am particularly impressed with the level of youth focused consultation that had been carried out and the clear emphasis that the Authority had expressed in caring for these young people and ensuring that they be given the same opportunities as those more fortunate.    ‘The one question that I would ask is whether or not it would be possible for the consultation data relating to young  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6