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Strategic Equality Plan Annual Report 2018/19

Meeting: 22/10/2019 - Cabinet (Item 71)

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As detailed in the recommendations.


Councillor Mullin introduced the Strategic Equality Plan (SEP) Annual Report 2018/19, including the Performance Progress Report.


            The Corporate Business and Communications Executive Officer explained that the current SEP would come to an end in March 2020 and a new SEP would be produced for 2020/24. 


            Details of areas of achievement in meeting the equality duties during 2018/19 were highlighted in the report.  Although there were positive areas of progress, some issues remained as areas for improvement which were also detailed in the report.




(a)       That Cabinet be assured that progress has been made during the year to meet our statutory duties; and


(b)       That progress made against the Strategic Equality Plan 2018/19 be endorsed, prior to publication of the annual report on the Council website.