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Denbighshire and Flintshire Joint Archive Project

Meeting: 07/11/2019 - Education and Youth Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 30)

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That the Committee supports the new service delivery model that will:


(a)     Create a single shared and sustainable Archive Service with Denbighshire County Council

(b)      Provide a ‘state of the art’ Archive building, co-located with Theatr Clwyd, with an extensive digital archive network across both counties and an innovative public engagement and support programme.



            The Chief Officer introduced Helen Vaughan-Evans (the Joint Project Manager) and Flintshire’s Principal Archivist who would present the report outlining a plan to ensure Flintshire and Denbighshire’s Archives Services had a robust future to carry out their statutory obligations. 


            The Project Manager thanked Members for the opportunity to address them and explained that this was a joint project between Flintshire and Denbighshire. During the presentation she would be highlighting the challenges faced by both Councils and the ways these were trying to be resolved.  The presentation covered:-


  • The opportunity we were trying to capture
  • The ambition we were trying to reach
  • There were 3 elements to this project
  • What could it cost
  • When would it happen
  • What would Flintshire get specifically
  • What happens if we don’t deliver this project


            Councillor Geoff Collett supported this project but queried the cost apportionment.  The Leader explained that costs were based on the population size of both counties, similar to how it worked for GwE. The Project Manager added significant research had been undertaken and that the fairest way to approach this was the population size from the census.  With regard to the second point she confirmed all future running and IT costs would be split this way.  


            Councillor Tudor Jones supported the proposals and asked questions on the split of the National Lottery Heritage funding, the Library proposals digital outreach and whether consideration had been given to incorporating a much needed museum for Mold which would attract more visitors to the town.


            The Project Manager responded that the match funding was a 60 – 40 split with Denbighshire putting in £2m and Flintshire £3m. The National Lottery Heritage Funding would provide 70% of the project costs with the remaining 30%- Flintshire putting in 60% and Denbighshire 40%. The design would include an exhibition space to exhibit local and national treasures. Security to loan these valuable treasures had also been factored in.  There would be access provision within each library but if there were changes, such provision could be moved to another location within that area. This would also increase the footfall within the libraries.


            With regard to Digitalisation of materials, this was constantly changing and the focus was on the customer.  Accessibility from home was beneficial but there would also need to be a research aspect as records in the future were more likely to be digital media rather than books, so this had been factored in to the plan.


            Councillor Jones asked if training would be provided to Members to ensure records were preserved digitally in the future and referred to a group he was involved with where records were only kept on disc.  The Principal Archivist confirmed the preservation of digital records was being considered and reported on a Wales wide Digital Working Group which was close to finalising a national storage facility.  Advice could be given to record creators such as local groups, Town and Community councils etc. and digital archives could be saved in most formats. 


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