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Greenfield Valley - Six monthly progress report

Meeting: 15/10/2019 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Expired 13/07/20 (Item 26)

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That the content of the report and the positive progress achieved at Greenfield Valley be noted.


The Chief Officer (Planning, Environment and Economy) introduced the six monthly progress report on Greenfield Valley and confirmed that in August the Management Agreement between Flintshire County Council and Greenfield Valley Trust was agreed.  He invited the Access & Natural Environment Manager to present the report.


                        The Access & Natural Environmental Manager presented the key highlights from the last 6 months on the work carried out at Greenfield Valley.  These were


·                Site Management

·                Heritage Lottery Fund

·                Active Travel Route

·                Volunteering

·                Fire Alarm / Electrics

·                Health and Safety Assessment

·                Greenflag


The Countryside & Access Awareness Officer then showed a short video of the park and gave a report on the positive progress that Greenfield Valley had achieved through the following


·                Promotions

·                Social Media

·                Events


                        The Chair of Greenfield Valley Trust welcomed the new positive relationship between the two organisations and praised the team for their hard work over the last months.  She admitted that things still go wrong but with great team work problems were soon put right and now things were moving forward.


                        Councillor Johnson raised the issue of fly tipping and the Countryside & Access Awareness Officer agreed to put some information on Facebook along with the video that was shown at Committee.


                        Councillor Owen Thomas questioned where they got their electricity from given the amount of water that was flowing close to the Park. The Access & Natural Environment Manager confirmed that the electric part had been completed but the water wheel was not working.  He confirmed that work was underway on the project and it had been given priority.


                        Members were very complimentary in what had been done in the last 6 months and wanted them to continue to promote the Heritage Centre via social media.  Councillor Shotton also added that it might be advantageous to contact local hotels and caravan parks.  In response the Countryside & Access Awareness Officer confirmed that local hotels and caravans parks had been given leaflets and people were visiting the Centre some from as far away as Birmingham.


                        The recommendation was proposed by Councillor Paul Shotton and seconded by Councillor Joe Johnson.




            That the content of the report and the positive progress achieved at Greenfield Valley be noted.