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Contaminated Land Report

Meeting: 12/11/2019 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Expired 13/07/20 (Item 36)

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(a)       That the progress made addressing historically contaminated land be noted; and


(b)       That the progression of Flintshire County Council’s Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy be supported.


The Cabinet Member for Planning & Public Protection introduced the report to update the Committee on  the assessment of contaminated land sites and following remediation works.  He provided background information and advised that the Authority’s Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy has been updated in 2019 to reflect the introduction of new legislation and guidance which affects wider corporate policies and the way in which land contamination should be considered.  The report sets out the work completed over the 2018-19 financial year and summarises the significant number and type of sites which have been assessed as a result of Part 2A.  


The Community and Business Protection Manager  advised that the Authority had a statutory duty to identify and assess any land within Flintshire which may be affected by contamination and to secure the remediation of contaminated land in accordance with Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  She explained that significant progress had been made with respect to the Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy and the summary of Part2A actions was in the appendix to the report. 


In response to a question raised by Councillor Paul Shotton regarding resource implications, the Chief Officer (Planning, Economy & Environment) advised that the Authority had an annual revenue budget to fund the assessments which is held within the Pollution Control Budget.  Capital funding was also set aside from the capital programme to fund the costs of any remediation works necessary at any site where such works were required.  Capital funding of £1m from the Welsh Government (WG) was made available for the 2017/18 financial year and competitive applications for funding were invited from Welsh local authorities.  The Authority made four bids and was awarded £221,268.00.  Bids for funding would continue as and when further money was available from the WG. 


                        The Chair asked Members to put the specific concerns raised around  contaminated land issues in their Ward in writing to the Chief Officer (Planning, Economy and Environment) for a detailed response with a copy to the Chair. 


The recommendations in the report was moved by Councillor Sean Bibby and seconded by Councillor Gladys Healey. 




(a)       That the progress made addressing historically contaminated land be noted; and


(b)       That the progression of Flintshire County Council’s Contaminated   Land Inspection Strategy be supported.