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Council Plan 2019/20 – Mid Year Monitoring

Meeting: 09/12/2019 - Organisational Change Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 33)

33 Council Plan 2019/20 – Mid Year Monitoring pdf icon PDF 124 KB

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That the report be noted.


The Overview & Scrutiny Facilitator introduced the report which presented a summary of performance at the mid-year point of 2019/20 for the Council Plan priorities ‘Connected Council’, ‘Caring Council’ and ‘Ambitious Council’ relevant to the Committee.  She advised that the mid-year monitoring report for the 2019/20 Council Plan was a positive report, with 88% of activities making good progress and 90% likely to achieve their planned outcomes.  77% of the performance indicators had met or exceeded their targets.  Risks were being managed with a minority of 14% being assessed as major and 40% of risks decreasing in significance.  There were no major risks identified for the Committee. 


The recommendation in the report was moved by Councillor David Wisinger and seconded by Councillor Martin White.




That the report be noted.