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Quarter 3 Council Plan 2019/20 Monitoring Report

Meeting: 10/03/2020 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Expired 13/07/20 (Item 71)

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That the report be noted.


The Chief Officer (Planning, Environment & Economy) and the Chief Officer (Streetscene & Transportation) jointly presented a report on a summary of performance for  Quarter 3 (October – December 2019) position of 2019/20 for the Council Plan priories ‘Green Council’, ‘Ambitious Council’ and ‘Safe and Clean Council’ to the Committee.


Councillor Hardcastle wanted to thank Streetscene and Cabinet Members regarding the recent change of day for collection of waste for some households within Flintshire.  He said that he was expecting a high volume of calls from people in his area but it all went smoothly.  However, Councillor Thomas reported that bins in his area had not been collected as people were unaware of new collection day. He added that this was especially dangerous along the A541 where bins are put on the pavement. 


Councillor Wisinger added that waste collection is a massive challenge, but it’s not always Streetscene that causes the problems as some people put wrong bins out, put too much in the bins or don’t fill bags properly causing rubbish to fall out and the refuse collectors don’t always have time to pick up what has been blown around.


The Chief Officer (Streetscene & Transportation) responded by saying that they had learnt lessons from the 2012 round changes and that 10,000 properties within Flintshire had been changed. Whilst he acknowledged some streets had been missed, these were dealt with quickly by the crews who needed time to learn the new rounds.  He added that any evidence of untidiness should be reported straight away as reporting days later was harder to respond to.


The Regulatory Services Manager agreed to provide Members with contact details / duty rota for missed waste collections on Saturdays as requested by Councillor Dolphin.


Councillor Dunbobbin commented on the fact that whilst recycling had exceeded targets, Local travel arrangements set targets had been doubled and utility works had achieved more than planned an explanation was needed on the areas that were not positive.  He questioned where the threshold was and where it triggered the RAG status as it was not clearly defined and as a public document it should be.  In response the Chief Officer (Streetscene & Transportation) said that he would take it back to the Performance Team to look at it.


The recommendations in the report were moved by Councillor Paul Shotton and seconded by Councillor Andy Dunbobbin.




That the report be noted.