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Annual Performance Report 2019/20

Meeting: 20/10/2020 - Cabinet (Item 25)

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As detailed in the recommendation.


Councillor Mullin introduced the report which reviews the Council’s progress against the Council Priorities as detailed in the Council Plan 2019/20.


                        The report reflected the overall progress that had been made against priorities and the level of confidence in achieving the desired outcomes.  It also showed the position against the Council’s 53 risks, with 4 risks increasing in significance during the year and 16 risks reducing in significance by year end.


                        The Chief Executive explained that performance again the Council Plan measures was positive with 88% of agreed key activities being assessed as making good progress and 91% likely to achieve the desired outcome.  In addition, 78% of the performance indicators met or exceeded the target for the year, whilst 59% showed improvement or remained stable.


                        Risks were being successfully managed with the majority being assessed as moderate (68%) or minor/insignificant (17%); 15% of risks showed a high risk status at year-end, mostly due to lack of financial resourcing.


                        The Plan had to be adopted by 31st October and was being considered at County Council later that day.




            That the 2019/20 Annual Performance Report for recommendation to Council for adoption be approved.