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Food Poverty

Meeting: 16/03/2021 - Cabinet (Item 107)

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As detailed in the recommendations.


Councillor Mullin introduced the report and explained that since the summer of 2018 the Council had been tackling food poverty and food insecurities in Flintshire.  The food poverty strategy had been adopted by the Public Service Board with Flintshire being the regional lead. 


Significant challenges had been raised over the last year, however rather than constrain progress, opportunities had been created and had enabled some of the future ambitions for delivery and business transformation to be brought forward.


The Chief Officer (Housing and Assets) explained that full details of the following work undertaken were outlined in the report:


·         School Holiday Support;

·         Slow Cooker Programme;

·         Free School  Meals – Alternative Delivery;

·         Shielding and Vulnerable Residents Food Support – 14th April 2020 – 16th August 2020;

·         Shielding and Vulnerable Residents Food Support – 17th August 2020 – 22nd September 2020;

·         Well-fed Food Box at a Reduced Cost – 23rd September 2020 – 3rd November 2020;

·         Christmas Food Boxes;

·         Self-isolating and Shielding Residents;

·         Work Plan – Research;

·         Well-fed at Home: Meal Box Scheme – Reimaging ‘Meals on Wheels’;

·         Good Food Hubs – Emergency Food Support;

·         Hospital to Home – Well-fed Safety Box;


Details were also provided on the following future projects:


·         Opening a Shop;

·         Slow Cooker Pilots – Reimaged;

·         Free Fruit for High Schools;

·         Conference;

·         Community Capacity Building; and

·         “A Right to Good Food”;


On “A Right to Good Food”, the Chief Officer explained the research that had been undertaken had considered how communities could best be protected and how the diet and wellbeing of residents could be supported in the longer term.  He added the right to food was not about charity, but about ensuring that all people had the capacity to feed themselves with dignity. 


He commented on the considerable support that had been provided by local volunteer groups which had had a major impact on local communities which in turn had brought people together.


            All Members welcomed the report and the work that was being undertaken to tackle food poverty which demonstrated that Flintshire was a caring Council.   Also welcomed was the focus on home cooking and nutritious food cooked from fresh.  They also extended their thanks to the many volunteer groups across the County in providing support in their local communities.




(a)       That the progress made to tackling food poverty and food insecurity in Flintshire be welcomed and noted;


(b)       That the ongoing work and the delivery plan for the next 12 months be supported; and


(c)        That the development of a “Right to Food” policy for Flintshire be supported.