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Inter authority Collaboration to Manage the Supply of Aggregate Minerals in the North East Wales Sub-Region

Meeting: 18/05/2021 - Cabinet (Item 135)

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As detailed in the recommendations.


Councillor Bithell introduced the report and explained that the Regional Technical Statement Second Review (RTS2) stated that where local authorities were unable to meet their individual indicative apportionment figures for the provision of aggregates, there was a need for all of the local authorities within that sub-region to collaborate in order to ensure that the overall sub-regional apportionments were still met to ensure that a steady supply of those minerals was secured.


            The inter-authority collaboration should be agreed in the form of a Statement of Sub-Regional Collaboration (SSRC) agreed by all local authorities within the sub-regional area, which would then be used as evidence base for Local Development Plan policy making and a material planning consideration in development management decisions with respect to the sub-regional need for aggregate minerals in the North East Wales Sub-Region.


            Approval of the document by all three local authorities in the North East Wales sub-region would demonstrate that the authorities were committed to inter-authority collaboration pertaining the supply of aggregate minerals in line with the sub-regional apportionment figures for sand and gravel, and crushed rock as set out in the RTS2.


It had been considered at Planning Strategy Group on 8th April 2021 where the amended draft SSRC was endorsed.  Consultation had been taking place with the partner authorities of Denbighshire County Council and  Wrexham County Borough Council in order to approve the draft SSRC.




(a)       That the amended Statement of Sub-Regional Collaboration (Version 3, April 2021 – Appendix 2) be approved, and for it to be forwarded to the  Welsh Government and the Planning Inspectorate for consideration as part of the Examination in Public into Flintshire’s Local Development Plan; and


(b)       That delegated authority be given to the Chief Officer (Planning, Environment and Economy) concerning editorial i.e. non-material amendments, to the draft Statement of Sub-Regional Collaboration should the need arise as a result of recommendations made by Denbighshire County Council or Wrexham County Borough Council following approval of the report.