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Governance Update and Consultations

Meeting: 09/06/2021 - Clwyd Pension Fund Committee (Item 7)

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To provide Committee Members with an update on governance related matters including an update following submission of the Fund’s response to the Pension Regulator consultation on the new Code of Practice.

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The Committee considered and noted the update.


            On section 4.01 of the report, Mr Latham noted the current risks relating to the Fund as a whole. He added there was only one red risk across the Fund, which was an investment risk in responsible investment, but otherwise there had been a reduction in many areas risk which in his view was extremely positive given some of the recent challenges such as COVID-19.


            Mr Latham noted the importance of Committee and Board members attending training sessions and conferences around the UK but recognised it may still not be possible and so welcomed views from Committee and Board members on this point.




The Committee considered and noted the update.