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Protocol on acting outside the ward

Meeting: 22/07/2021 - Flintshire County Council (Item 24)

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That subject to the amendment above, Council adopts the 2021 revised Member Protocol on Involvement in Other Wards.


The Chief Officer (Governance) presented a report to consider the revised Member Protocol on Involvement in Other Wards.  He provided background information and explained that the existing protocol was thought by statutory officers and Group Leaders to be in need of revision.  An amended version agreed for formal consultation was appended to the report which had been approved by the Constitution & Democratic Services Committee at a meeting held on 30 June 2021. 


The recommendation was moved by Councillor Neville Phillips and seconded by Councillor Chris Bithell.


Councillor Owen Thomas commented on Members being contacted regarding planning matters in other wards.  The Chief Officer acknowledged the points made by Councillor Thomas and explained that this was covered within Section 2 - Exceptions to the Protocol, paragraph (f), which was appended to the report.  He also cautioned that, when replying to correspondence or representations, members of the Planning Committee should be careful not to create the impression that they had reached a final decision on a planning application prior to it being considered at a meeting of the Planning Committee.


Councillor Chris Bithell commented on guidance in the Planning Code of Conduct around adjacent ward members and asked if similar guidance should also be included in  Section 2 of the Protocol.   In response  the Chief Officer provided advice concerning Member involvement in planning matters in an adjacent ward which had an impact on their own ward.  He advised that whilst representing the interests of residents in their own ward the Member would not be in breach of the Protocol in these circumstances, but agreed that this could be stated within the Protocol for clarity.


Referring to Section 3, paragraph 3.2, of the Protocol, Councillor Paul Shotton said Members should declare their own ward for transparency.

Having been moved and seconded, Councillors Neville Phillips and Chris Bithell  accepted the suggestion that the Protocol be amended as above as an addition to the substantive motion.  When put to the vote this was carried.




That subject to the amendment above, Council adopts the 2021 revised Member Protocol on Involvement in Other Wards.