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Work of the Coroner’s Office

Meeting: 14/10/2021 - Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 43)

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That the Committee thanks the Coroner for his work and receives further reports on an annual basis.


The Chief Officer (Governance) introduced a report on the role of the Coroner for North Wales (East and Central) and the work undertaken on behalf of Councils in Conwy, Denbighshire, Wrexham and Flintshire.


Mr. John Gittins, H.M. Senior Coroner for North Wales East and Central, was in attendance to give a presentation covering:


·         The North Wales (East and Central) (Coroner’s District) Order 2012

·         Independent Judicial Officer

·         Statistics

·         Support

·         The Law

·         The ‘Crossroads’

·         Investigation

·         The Inquest

·         Powers of Coroner - Schedule 5 / Consequences

·         Prevention of future deaths

·         Some positives…and some fortuitous timings

·         Other jobs and responsibilities

·         “Where does it end?”


The presentation highlighted the wide range of legislative powers and responsibilities held by the Coroner which was a historical position funded by local authorities on a statutory basis.  Information was also shared on the Coroner’s power to issue reports under Regulation 28 of the Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013 which required organisations, including local authorities, to respond and take action to reduce the risk of future deaths.  Reference was made to the Chief Executive’s work in supporting the Coroner’s office during the emergency situation.


The Chief Executive commended Mr. Gittins for his presentation and for the way in which he carried out his role.


In response to questions from Members, Mr. Gittins clarified the scope of his legal responsibilities.


The Chief Officer (Governance) said the recommendation for the Committee to receive future annual reports from the Coroner would provide an opportunity to consider performance and the pressures involved in the service.


On behalf of the Committee, the Chairman thanked Mr. Gittins for his informative presentation which was well received.


The recommendation was moved and seconded by Councillors Richard Jones and Mared Eastwood.




That the Committee thanks the Coroner for his work and receives further reports on an annual basis.