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Medium Term Financial Strategy / Budget 2022/23 - Stage 2 -Overview & Scrutiny Responses

Meeting: 19/10/2021 - Cabinet (Item 49)

49 Medium Term Financial Strategy / Budget 2022/23 - Stage 2 -Overview & Scrutiny Responses pdf icon PDF 99 KB

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As detailed in the recommendation.


Councillor Johnson introduced the report and explained that during September and October the Overview and Scrutiny Committees reviewed the costs pressures, and the opportunities for cost control and efficiency, under their respective terms of reference.


The sequence of meetings and the resolutions from each were outlined in the report with all of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees supporting the portfolio cost pressures with no further cost efficiency areas being explored further.


The Chief Executive said all Members had given confidence to the process undertaken.  The Welsh Local Government Association had developed their evidential base for need which had been submitted to Welsh Government (WG) the previous week.


The Corporate Finance Manager added that during each of the consultations, Members were reminded of the announcement on 7th September 2021 that, from April 2022, a new health and social care tax would be introduced across the UK to fund reforms to the care sector and NHS funding in England.  The tax would begin as a 1.25% increase in National Insurance paid by employees, the self-employed and by employers.  There would be ‘consequential’ payments to WG as a result of that decision.  However, as a major employer, it would also have a significant impact on the council’s budget.


Councillor Roberts thanked all Members who had taken part in the budget process which demonstrated that there were no further efficiencies to be found.




That the result of the consultation on the 2022/2023 budget proposals from the Overview and Scrutiny function be received.