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NEWydd Business Plan 2022/23

Meeting: 15/03/2022 - Cabinet (Item 133)

NEWydd Business Plan 2022/23

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As detailed in the recommendations.


The Chief Executive introduced the report which outlined the NEWydd Business Plan for 2022/23.


            In October 2021 Cabinet agreed a new/extended Services Concession Agreement with NEWydd from 1st April to 31st March 2024.  In line with that arrangement NEWydd were required to produce an annual Business Plan to include financial budgeting and forecasting.




(a)       That the strategic risks facing the business be noted and the Business Plan 2022/23, including the mitigation of those risks identified, be endorsed; and


(b)       That Cabinet continue to support and approve the current approach regarding delegated powers in relation to setting the price of a Primary School meal (delegated to the Cabinet Member and Managing Director).