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Play Sufficiency Assessment 2022

Meeting: 12/07/2022 - Cabinet (Item 21)

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As detailed in the recommendations.


Councillor Roberts introduced the item and said Flintshire County Council and its partners were committed to ensuring that all children and young people resident in the county had access to time, space and permission to play as part of their everyday lives which benefitted families and their communities. Children living in Flintshire had a ‘right to play’ as enshrined within Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).


The Council recognised that play was central to children and young people’s enjoyment of life and was essential to their physical and emotional wellbeing

and their healthy development. It was recognised that some aspects of our

modern society could limit children’s time, space and permission to play. The

Council was committed to the continuation of creating effective partnerships to

enable play sufficiency.


The aim was to help to create rich play environments where children could freely play and encourage our communities to be as play-friendly as possible to support children's play. By increasing opportunities for play within local communities,

children’s and young people’s experience of growing-up in Flintshire would be enhanced.


The report provided an overview of the Play Sufficiency Assessment process, the development of a Play Sufficiency Action Plan and the draft Assessment for 22-23 prior to submission of the completed assessment to Welsh Government by 30th June 2022.




(a)       That the content of the draft Play Sufficiency Assessment (PSA) 2022 and the draft Action Plan 2022/23 be noted prior to submission to Welsh Government; and


(b)       The continued development of a strategic Flintshire Play Sufficiency Implementation Group be supported, to provide a multi-agency forum to monitor the PSA Action Plan 2022/23.