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Corporate Joint Committee (CJC) update report

Meeting: 13/10/2022 - Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Item 39)

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(a)       That the Committee notes the report and opposes in principle the creation of the regional CJC;


(b)       That the Committee notes the proposals for seconding the EAB Portfolio Director from the North Wales Economic Ambition Board into the CJC up to March 2023; and


(c)       That Cabinet Members representing the CJC structure provide regular updates to the relevant Overview & Scrutiny Committees, including Corporate Resources.


The Chief Executive presented a report on progress made to date with the Corporate Joint Committee (CJC) for North Wales, including plans to transfer the lead officer from the North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB) into the CJC on a temporary basis to progress transitional arrangements until a permanent appointment could be made.


In acknowledging the impact of the CJC upon the Council’s strategic planning, the Chairman proposed an additional recommendation that the three relevant Cabinet Members provide a regular update to Overview & Scrutiny committees on their respective elements.


Concerns were raised by Councillor Bernie Attridge about the lack of involvement by local elected Members and subsequent benefits to local residents.


The Chief Executive explained that whilst transition arrangements were in the early stages of development, there was potential scope for Overview & Scrutiny involvement and local representation on workstreams at a later date.  He spoke about the CJC being fundamental to some of the Council’s strategic activities and those at regional level.  As such, it was important for the Council to be represented in order to influence activities for Flintshire and across the region.


Whilst welcoming collaboration in the interests of residents, Councillor Alasdair Ibbotson raised a number of concerns about the CJC model.  These were primarily the alignment of decisions across the partnership, Flintshire’s contribution towards the running costs and the lack of local influence and scrutiny on CJC decisions.  In recognising that the CJC already existed, he proposed that Recommendation 1 be amended to replace ‘support’ with ‘opposes’ to reflect these concerns.


In seconding the amendment, Councillor Sam Swash spoke in support of Councillor Ibbotson’s comments and gave examples of potential ramifications.


The Chief Officer (Governance) spoke about governance arrangements for the CJC and its limited powers comprising four areas of shared responsibility.  He suggested that the amendment include the words ‘in principle’ to reflect the importance of Flintshire retaining its representation on the CJC.


In response to the comments raised, Councillor Ian Roberts gave examples of strategic services which spanned authorities across the region and assured Members that Flintshire would continue to have a voice on the CJC.  In making comparison with GwE (the regional school improvement service), he spoke about the potential for future links with the existing Overview & Scrutiny structure.


The Chairman acknowledged the intent of the amendment and shared his concerns that CJCs would have the same powers as principal local authorities in the way they operate, including the ability to borrow and reclaim VAT.  However he said it was important for the Council to be involved and for Overview & Scrutiny Committees to be kept updated on progress.


Councillor Ibbotson clarified that his amendment was not intended to influence progress on the CJC being reported to respective committees.  He agreed to include the words suggested by the Chief Officer and was supported by Councillor Swash.


On that basis, the recommendations, as amended, were supported.




(a)       That the Committee notes the report and opposes in principle the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 39