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Capital Programme 2023/24 – 2025/26

Meeting: 24/01/2023 - Flintshire County Council (Item 68)

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(a)       That the allocations and schemes in Table 3 (paragraph 1.09) for

the Statutory/Regulatory and Retained Assets sections of the Council

Fund Capital Programme 2023/24 - 2025/26 be approved;


(b)       That the schemes included in Table 4 (paragraph 1.31) for the

Investment section of the Council Fund Capital Programme 2023/24 –

2025/26 be approved; 


(c)        That it be noted that the shortfall in funding of schemes in 2024/25 and

2025/26 in Table 5 (paragraph 1.37) at this point in the approval process

Allows flexibility. Options including a combination of future capital receipts,

alternative grants (if available), prudential borrowing or the re-phasing of

schemes will be considered during 2023/24, and included in future Capital

Programme reports; and


(d)       That  the schemes included in Table 6 (paragraph 1.41) be approved for the

            specifically funded section of the Council Fund Capital Programme which will

be funded in part through borrowing



The Strategic Finance Manager introduced the report which presented the Capital Programme 2023/24 – 2025/26 for approval. 


The Strategic Finance Manager advised that the Council Fund Capital Programme was divided into the following three sections:


  • Statutory/Regulatory - allocations to cover regulatory and statutory works;
  • Retained Assets - allocations to fund infrastructure works necessary to ensure service and business continuity; and
  • Investment - allocations to fund works necessary to remodel services to deliver efficiencies outlined in portfolio business plans and invest in services as outlined in the Council Plan.  


The Strategic Finance Manager gave a presentation which covered the following main points:


  • structure - Council fund capital programme
  • current programme 2022/23 – 2024/25
  • projected funding 2023/24 – 2025/26
  • statutory/regulatory – proposed allocations
  • retained assets – proposed allocations
  • Investment section – proposed allocations
  • summary generally funded programme
  • specifically funded schemes
  • summary capital programme
  • potential future schemes


Councillor Richard Jones proposed deferral of the item.  He stated his reasons and said that in his view it would be unwise to agree to a Capital Programme until the Revenue Account had been balanced.  This was seconded by Councillor Bernie Attridge.


Councillor Ian Roberts spoke in opposition to the motion for deferral and sought advice from the Corporate Finance Manager and Chief Executive regarding the priority to consider the Capital Programme at the meeting.


Councillor Alasdair Ibbotson moved an amendment to the proposal made by Councillor Richard Jones.  He proposed that recommendations 1 to 4 in the report be adopted.


A vote was taken on the proposal from Councillor Richard Jones that the item be deferred to a future meeting of the County Council.  When put to the vote the proposal was lost.


Councillor Ian Roberts moved that the Capital Programme be approved in accordance with the recommendations in the report and spoke in support of the Capital Programme.  Councillor Christine Jones seconded the proposal.


Councillor Bernie Attridge raised questions around funding to address the issues of  cyber-security, homelessness, and additional funding from the Welsh Government for Theatr Clwyd. The Chief Officer (Governance) responded to the comments raised on cyber-security.  The Corporate Manager – Capital Programme and Assets, provided a response to the questions raised on funding for Theatr Clwyd and gave further clarification on the Capital Programme.  The Chief Executive provided explanation concerning grant funding from the Welsh Government for homelessness.


Councillor Mike Peers referred to the Capital Programme and raised questions on the relocation of Tri-ffordd Day Service Provision (pages 29 and 30 in the report).  He referred to the 10 acre site on the outskirts of Mold which had been identified as a potential new location and asked if the site was owned by the Council or was to be purchased.  Councillor Peers also referred to the information that Deeside Leisure Centre was reaching the end of its economic viability (page 43, paragraph 1.54) and commented that some schools in Flintshire were older and should be reviewed and considered in the Capital Programme. 


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