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Overview of Ethical Complaints

Meeting: 09/01/2023 - Standards Committee (Item 49)

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That the Committee notes the number and type of complaints.

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That the number and type of complaints be noted.



The Monitoring Officer presented the report which provided a summary of the ethical complaints alleging a breach of the Code that had been submitted to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (PSOW).  The report provided information on the number and types of complaints being made and the outcome of consideration by the PSOW. The Monitoring Officer reported that since the last report 5 complaints had been received none of which were investigated. There were 4 complaints outstanding.

In response to question from the Chair the Monitoring Officer reported that a further 3 complaints had been notified following submission of his report to the Committee and these would be reported to the next meeting. 

            A summary of the complaints received during 2022/2023 was appended to the report. 

The recommendation in the report was moved by Councillor Antony Wren and seconded by Gill Murgatroyd.



That the number and type of complaints be noted.