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Workforce Information Report

Meeting: 27/03/2012 - Executive (Item 253)

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As recommendation. 


The Executive Member for Corporate Management introduced the report to provide Members with an update for the third quarter of 2011/12.  The report provided details on Establishment; Headcount; Agency numbers; Turnover; Diversity and Absence. 


The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development highlighted the table in paragraph 3.08 of turnover by percentage for each quarter.  The figure of 1.91% for quarter 3 was a reduction from 2.10% reported for the same quarter in 2010/11.  The report included details of redundant positions by gender and showed that the six positions which had been made redundant were all occupied by female workers.  The figure for the average full time equivalent days lost was 2.88 for the quarter compared to 2.87 for the same quarter in 2010/11, however there was an expectation that the figure for 2011/12 would reduce when reporting for the next quarter was produced.  Paragraph 3.15 indicated that 75% of employees in the organisation attained 100% attendance and this was a significant improvement of 10% based on the same period in 2010/11.  The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development explained that commentary was included in the report on the individual directorates and also for Schools and she welcomed the sustained improvement in Schools, Lifelong Learning and Corporate Services. 




That the Workforce Information Report for the third quarter 2011/12 be noted.