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Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Update Report

Meeting: 25/04/2023 - Cabinet (Item 163)

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As detailed in the recommendation.


Councillor Bibby introduced the report and explained that homelessness was a statutory service that continued to be under significant pressure post pandemic and the further challenges related to the cost-of-living crisis and housing crisis.


The need to offer accommodation and support to everyone who was homeless and at risk of rough sleeping during the pandemic was challenging.  It had, however, provided a unique window of opportunity to engage with a high number of people who historically would not have received the same level of support and may not have achieved positive wellbeing or housing outcomes.


The Housing and Prevention Service Manager said the local private sector housing market was seeing significant challenges with fewer properties available each year and many landlords leaving the market.  That created homelessness as properties were sold, residents asked to leave and the availability of fewer properties resulting in them being increasingly unaffordable.


Changes to the Housing Wales Act 2014 and the introduction of an eleventh category of Priority Need for rough sleeping and those at risk of sleeping rough, saw a sustainment of the “no one left out” approach adopted during the pandemic and now firmly established the principle on a legal footing as a standard practice in Wales.


As a result, more people will be owed accommodation duties significantly increasing demands and cost on already stretched homeless accommodation.


Councillor Jones thanked the Housing and Prevention Service Manager and his team for acting proactively in dealing with homelessness in difficult circumstances which was concurred by Councillors Roberts and Bibby.




That the update report be noted and the work being undertaken by the Housing and Prevention Service continue to be supported.