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Recognition of RIO 2016 Paralympics success.

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Recognition of RIO Paralympics success


The Chief Executive introduced and welcomed Sabrina Fortune and Beverley Jones.  He commented on the success of the RIO Paralympic 2016 games and the outstanding achievements which had been gained by paralympic athletes. He gave background information and said that Great Britain had achieved a total of 147 medals in the Games  including 64 Gold and 1 Bronze.   The Chief Executive paid tribute to the outstanding achievements and invited the Chairman to express his congratulations.  


The Chairman reported that Beverley was a seasoned athlete and that Rio was her fifth consecutive Games.   Her paralympic achievements had started in Sydney in 2000 and she competed in Athens in 2004, Beijing 2008,  and had won Bronze in London 2012.  During the Paralympic Games in Rio, Beverley had finished fifth in the Women’s Discus Throw F37/38.   


The Chairman advised that Sabrina was a former Argoed High School pupil.  Rio 2016 was Sabrina’s first Paralympics Games and she achieved a personal best of 12.94m in the Women’s F20 Shot Putt which had secured her a Bronze medal.  Sabrina was the first Welsh Athlete to win a medal and now had her sights set on Tokyo 2020.


 The Chairman expressed his admiration and thanks to Beverley and Sabina for their achievements on behalf of Wales and Flintshire.


Councillor Hilary McGuill said both athletes were excellent ambassadors for disability sports and congratulated them on their personal achievements. She commented on the work Beverley and Sabrina had undertaken in local schools to inspire and encourage the younger generation and thanked them for their support.


Councillor Kevin Jones also paid tribute to Beverley and Sabrina for the achievements they had gained on behalf of their families, Flintshire, Wales, and all paralympians.  He thanked them for their attendance and wished them well in their future aspirations.


Councillor Ron Davies reiterated the sentiments which had been expressed by Members and spoke of the associated pride of local residents in the  Shotton Ward.  




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The following Members stated that they were present at the meeting  but their attendance had been recorded under apologies:  Councillors Robin Guest, Richard Jones, and Nigel Steele-Mortimer.


Councillor Mike Peers referred to his request on page 10 that the call in meeting which related to car park changes could be included within the Annual Report and said the date of the call in meeting was 14 May 2015 not 2016 as stated. 


Matters arising


Councillor Hilary McGuill said she had not yet had a response to her question on page 9 concerning whether the Council had any consultants which were incentive led.  The Chief Officer (Governance) advised that the Procurement Service was compiling the information required and apologised that it had not been provided yet.  He explained that it was being progressed and that he would chase the matter further.  The Chief Executive advised that it was the exception rather than the rule for consultants to be incentive-led in Flintshire and said it was normally flat fee based work on a task and finish basis. 




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Welsh Local Government Provisional Settlement 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Purpose:       To advise council of the details of the Welsh Local Government Provisional Settlement and the impact on the 2017/18 budget.  

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(a)       That the Provisional Settlement be noted;


(b)       That the impact on the budget for 201718, as set out in the agenda item on the Council Fund Budget 2017/18 - Stage 1 and 2, be noted;  and


(c)        That the comments raised by Members be included in the Council response to the WG on the Provisional Settlement consultation.




The Chief Executive introduced the report to provide a summary of the Provisional Welsh Local Government Financial Settlement announced as part of the Welsh Government budget for 2017/18.   He advised that the figures were provisional at this stage and the Final Settlement was expected on 21 December 2016. Consultation on the provisional settlement was open until 30 November 2016.  The Chief Executive explained that he and the Leader would produce a formal  response to the Welsh Government (WG) on the Provisional Settlement  consultation.


The Chief Executive provided background information and context and commented on the slight increase in funding which had been made to the Welsh Government budget and the significant  priority and investment which had been given to the NHS in Wales which included funding for winter pressures and additional funding to support the Health Boards in deficit. He also commented on the Council’s  campaign for an improved settlement than that forecasted and had pressed for a ‘flat line’ or ‘cash flat’ settlement for 2017/18 with no reduction in core grant, and the collective local government case on cost pressures with specific emphasis on social services. He reported that Welsh Government Ministers had listened to the cases put forward and there had been some positive improvement to the Settlement, however, the pressures continued in social care and workforce costs.  


            The Chief Executive gave a presentation which covered the following areas:


·         Welsh Government Budget

·         State of the Nation

·         Local Impacts of the Settlement

·         The Flintshire Case

·         Responding to the Consultation


Councillor Aaron Shotton thanked the Chief Executive for his presentation and the information on the impacts of the draft provisional local government settlement.  He said the purpose was to keep Members fully informed of the impact of the Settlement and to formulate the Council’s consultation response to Welsh Government (WG).  He took the opportunity to thank all Members, Council employees, and members of the community who had given their assistance and support to the lobbying case for funding to the WG.   He spoke of the Council’s consistent and resolute stance in not accepting austerity and passport cuts year on year  to front line services.  He advised that service business plans were now  ‘maxed out’ in terms of the efficiencies that could be found and therefore the broadly ‘flat lined’ Settlement which had brought some improvement to Flintshire’s forecasted position was welcomed and to be acknowledged in the consultation response. Councillor Shotton  emphasised the need for the Council to continue to be consistent in its ‘asks’ to the WG for assistance specifically social care.


Councillor Shotton thanked Members for their attendance at the recent public engagement events which had been held across Flintshire and spoke of the public responses which had indicated support for the Council’s lobbying case to both  the National and Welsh Government for some relief to protect front line services and a change in the national fiscal policy.  He commented on the need for a fair funding formula and said  that whilst Flintshire had the 6th largest  ...  view the full minutes text for item 64.

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Council Fund Budget 2017/18 - Stages 1 and 2 pdf icon PDF 83 KB

Purpose:       To approve the Stage 1 budget proposals; and

To endorse the strategy for Stage 2 of the budget for further work and reporting back.

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(a)       That the Stage 1 budget proposals for 2017/18 be approved; and


(b)       That the strategy for Stage 2 of the budget for referral to Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny prior to presentation to Council on 6 December 2016, be endorsed.



The Corporate Finance Manage introduced the report to provide an update on planning the 2017/18 Council Fund Budget and closing the significant ‘gap’, to recommend for adoption the Service Portfolio Business Plan proposals for 2017/18, and to seek endorsement on the Corporate Financial Stewardship proposals for review by the Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny on 30 November 2016 prior to submission to County Council on 6 December 2016 for formal approval.


The Chief Executive commented on the clear and purposeful three year financial strategy and gave a joint presentation with the Corporate Finance Manager which covered the following areas:


·         the on-going strategy

·         critical point for Flintshire

·         the projected ‘budget gap’ 2017/18

·         where we left off in September

·         Service portfolio Business Plans – Part 1

o   service reform – business plans

o   final changes to proposals

·         Corporate financial stewardship - Part 2

o   conclusions of work to date

o   new and emerging pressures

o   ongoing work

·         working with Welsh Government – Part 3

o   key national discussion points

o   impact of the provisional settlement

o   Domiciliary Care – charging levels

o   summary of overall budget position

·         budget closing stages

·         the medium term


Councillor Aaron Shotton formally moved the recommendations to the report and thanked the Chief Executive and Corporate Finance Manager for their comprehensive overview of Stage 1 of the budget proposals.  He referred to the recommendation to endorse the strategy for Stage 2 of the budget and advised that a number of further corporate finance options to close the budget gap had been agreed at the meeting of Cabinet which had been held prior to County Council this afternoon.  He said these proposals would be subject to further scrutiny at the meeting of the Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny meeting on 30 November 2016.


Councillor Shotton also spoke of the need to protect frontline services against the impacts of austerity.  He commented on the further work to be done to bridge the ‘gap’ and set a balanced budget and took the opportunity give an assurance to Members, residents of Flintshire and service users, that the Council did not intend to  bring forward any further proposals which would effect its services.


Councillor Richard Jones thanked the Chief Executive for his clarification during the presentation around the information provided on equalities impact assessments/statements received.  However, he expressed concern that the information which Members had requested was a report on the consequences  of the efficiencies and decisions that had been made regarding front line services.  He raised a number of concerns around the level of efficiencies to be achieved,  the financial process, and the information which had been provided so far. 


In response to the concerns raised by Councillor Jones the Chief Executive advised that a commitment had been given to look at what impact assessment work was available and this had been shared with Members.  He also explained that Members had been advised that if they had  concerns regarding any specific budget proposals they would be provided with information in response to those  ...  view the full minutes text for item 65.

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Members of the Press and Public in Attendance

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There was one member of the press and no members of the public present.