Agenda and decisions

Venue: Remote attendance meeting

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Declarations of Interest (Including Whipping Declarations)

To receive any Declarations and advise Members accordingly.

Additional documents:


Councillor Antony Wren declared a personal and prejudicial interest on Agenda item 4: Dispensations


Councillor Bernie Attridge declared a personal interest on Agenda Item 9 : Overview of Ethical Complaints


Councillor Andrew Parkhurst declared a personal and prejudicial interest on Agenda item 9: Overview of Ethical Complaints


Minutes pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 3 July 2023.

Additional documents:


That the minutes be approved as a correct record.


Dispensations pdf icon PDF 97 KB

One has been received from Councillor Debbie Owen and is attached to the agenda.


Members of the press/public will be able to remain at the meeting whilst an application for dispensation is presented to the Committee and will be able to return to hear the Committee’s decision.  However, under Paragraph 18C Schedule 12A Local Government Act 1972 the Committee will exclude the press and public from the meeting whilst it deliberates on any application for a dispensation.

Additional documents:


That the Committee resolved to grant a Dispensation to allow Councillor Owen to speak and write to Officers. When speaking to Officers this must be in the presence of an independent witness, another officer, with minutes taken of that conversation. The Dispensation to last for 12 months. 


Reports from Independent Member Visits to Town & Community Councils

To receive verbal reports from independent members of the Committee on their visits to the following councils:


·         Flint Town Council (Jacqueline Guest 20.03.23)

·         Shotton Town Council (Jacqueline Guest – 03.04.23)

·         Queensferry Community Council (Jacqueline Guest 09.05.23)

·         Hawarden Community Council (Jacqueline Guest 10.07.23)


Additional documents:


That the verbal reports be received and feedback given to the Town and Community Councils.


Results of the Survey on the Production of Councillor Newsletters pdf icon PDF 103 KB

Each Council term we survey Members to see whether they need/want to use Council resources to publish their Ward Newsletters. This report is to provide the results of that survey.

Additional documents:


(a)      That the current protocol prohibiting the use of council IT to produce councillor’s newsletters remained in place.

(b)      That councillors were made aware of the provision that they can produce an annual report that will be published on the council’s website.



Agenda items for the next Ethical Liaison Meeting pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To ask Members for suggested topics of discussion at the next meeting between the Chair/Vice Chair of the Committee and Senior Councillors.

Additional documents:


(a)      That the draft agenda for the next Ethical Liaison Meeting be agreed.

(b)      That the final agenda be agreed by the Chief Officer Governance in consultation with the parties to the meeting.


Public Services Ombudsman for Wales’ “My Findings” Publication pdf icon PDF 81 KB

To consider the summary of cases, related to alleged breaches of the Members’ Code of Conduct (the Code), as published by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (PSOW) in their publication “My Findings” (“My Findings”).

Additional documents:


That the Committee reviewed the cases summarised in the appendix to this

report, and identified any issues or themes which it felt needed to be raised

with all councillors.


Overview of Ethical Complaints pdf icon PDF 87 KB

That the Committee notes the number and type of complaints.

Additional documents:


That the Committee note the number and type of complaints


Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 61 KB

For the Committee to consider topics to be included on the attached Forward Work Programme.

Additional documents:


That the Forward Work Programme, as amended, be approved.

Members of the Press and Public in Attendance

Additional documents:


There were no members of the press or public in attendance.