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Flintshire Deposit Local Development Plan (2015-2030)


As detailed in the recommendations.


Councillor Bithell introduced the report on the Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP) which was the Council’s proposed land use plan covering the period 2015-2030.


                        Details of the milestones completed to date were outlined in the report which were in accordance with the Revised Delivery Agreement 2019.


                        The Deposit Plan and accompanying proposal maps were contained in Appendix 1 of the report.  The preparation of the Plan had been reported to monthly meetings of Planning Strategy Group over the last four years, and after considerable hard work and deliberation, Planning Strategy Group had endorsed the Deposit LDP.  Councillor Bithell took this opportunity to thank all Members and officers involved in Planning Strategy Group.


                        If approved at Cabinet, the LDP would be submitted to a special meeting of County Council on 23rd July prior to public consultation which would run for a six week period commencing Monday 30th September 2019 and ending on Monday 11th November 2019.  The purpose of the consultation was to establish whether the Deposit LDP met the tests of Soundness.  Those responding to the consultation would be required to indicate what test(s) were not met and why, as well as indicating what changes should be made to the Plan.  That information would inform the Inspector’s consideration of the soundness of the LDP at the Examination in Public.


                        The Delivery Agreement for the LDP with Welsh Government (WG) meant that its production could not be delayed and the dates for consultation starting at the end of September must be adhered to, not least because the Council was already four years into the Plan period.  A positive aspect of being four years into the Plan was that speculative developments had been brought forward by developers already.


                        Prior to formal consultation sessions would be held with all Town and Community Councils.


                        The Chief Officer (Planning, Environment and Economy) provided details of the broad timetable for the Plan which was outlined in the report.


                        The Planning Strategy Manager reiterated the comments of Councillor Bithell in that the work of Planning Strategy Group had focussed on getting the Plan right in order to demonstrate its soundness or fitness for purpose, and to learn the lessons experienced by other local planning authorities.  It was the view of officers, endorsed by Planning Strategy Group, that the Deposit LDP was both sound and deliverable, and represented a sensible and pragmatic approach to delivering growth and development, supporting the wider sub-regional growth vision, whilst minimising the impacts on Flintshire’s communities.




(a)       That the content of the Flintshire Draft Deposit Local Development Plan 2015-2030 be endorsed and recommend its approval by County Council on 23rd July 2019, to go out for public consultation; and


(b)       That the Chief Officer (Planning, Environment and Economy) be authorised to make any additional minor wording, grammar, editorial or cartographic changes to the Deposit Local Development Plan which may arise or be necessary prior to formal consultation to ensure consistency with the ongoing LDP evidence base and to assist final presentation of the Plan.

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