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School Modernisation Update


That the Committee note the content of the report and progress of the School Modernisation programme.


The Senior Manager (School Planning and Provision) presented the report which outlined progress of the School Modernisation Programme across a wide number of projects.  Despite significant challenges due to the emergency situation, the School Modernisation Team had made significant progress in the Programme and had maintained and delivered in anticipated timelines by adapting working methods.


            Updates on specific projects within the Programme were provided by the Senior Manager, as outlined within the report. 


            Councillor Tudor Jones commented on the proposal to establish a federation between Ysgol yr Esgob VA and Lixwm VA primary school and said that the co-operation between both schools and been very positive.  He also commented on the childcare offer at both schools and thanked the Senior Manager for his support in ensuring this was included as part of the project.


Councillor Dave Mackie asked if additional projects would be considered following completion of Band A and B of the Programme and also if an update on the High School in Saltney could be provided.  He also asked if clarification on MIM funding could be provided to the Committee.  The Senior Manager explained that MIM was a new model of the Private Public Partnership (PPP) and that WEPCo was a subsidiary of the Welsh Bank of Wales and was also in partnership with Welsh Government (WG).   The overarching percentage intervention rate the authority gleaned from this was 81%.  He confirmed that this was a better model than traditional model where schools were built with a lot of money and then there were insufficient funds to maintain the buildings.   This model provided a 25 year life cycle for the building so when the building was handed back to the local authority it was in excellent condition with no maintenance issues.  He also advised that the Band C Programme was due to commence in 2025 with planning work having already commenced. 


The Chief Officer reported that work was progressing on preparing for consulting on proposals for the High School in Saltney, which had been difficult due to the emergency situation.  Suggestions were being considered around providing the consultation document electronically to ensure a high level of engagement.  She reassured Members that this project remained a high priority. 


In response to comments made by Councillor Patrick Heesom, the Leader of the Council advised that the local authority had significantly invested in schools located in the west of Flintshire and outlined recent projects.


Mrs. Wendy White thanked the Senior Manager and his Team for his support.  She commented on the need for Catholic schools to provide 15% funding as part of a project and raised concerns that this was not possible for small schools.  She advised that Welsh Government (WG) were currently being lobbied to re-consider this going forward to ensure schools were not left out because of the lack of funding.   


The recommendation outlined within the report was moved by Councillor Janet Axworthy and seconded by Councillor Gladys Healey.        




That the Committee note the content of the report and progress of the School Modernisation programme.

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