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Double Click


That the progress and success of Double Click be noted.


The Service Manager for Children with Disabilities and Adults under 65 Yearspresented the report, informing Members that Double Click Social Enterprise supported people with mental health problems in occupational achievement.  She explained that it was previously a Social Services work scheme but transformed into a Social Enterprise in 2016 and that they were based in Rowley’s Drive in Shotton providing design and print services for the public and offered training and employment qualifications to over 20 people with mental health problems at any one time.  She introduced Andy Lloyd-Jones, the General Manager of Double Click, who was at the meeting to answer any questions from Members.


The Chair advised Members that they would each be given a product guide and a calendar as a sample of their work which was produced by former trainee who was now a volunteer and mentored two trainees in photography at Double Click.   She added that at a recent visit she was amazed at the increased confidence in some of the people.


Councillor Mackie admitted that he did not think Double Click would work when he read the business plan a number of years ago but happily had been proved wrong and agreed that they do a great job.


In response to a concern from Councillor Mackie, the General Manager confirmed that there were a number of businesses called ‘Double Click’ but did not want to change the name as the people that used them were loyal local businesses and as well as being a commercial business, they were also a training and development support unit.  He added that income had increased every year since it started in 2016 even during the pandemic which he was very proud of.  He added that the introduction of online training during that time was a positive thing which was something they hoped to introduce again in the future at this would benefit people who were too anxious to go out.  He welcomed any Members to go and visit them to see the work that they did.


Councillor Owen asked how to refer people to Double Click and in response the General Manager said the first point of contact was Alison Adams before being referred for an informal meeting with Double Click to make sure that Double Click was right for the person and the person was right for them but unfortunately there was a waiting list. The Service Manager for Children with Disabilities and Adults under 65 Yearsinformed Members that Alison Adams, who took referrals for Double Click and various other mental health options, worked in Mental Health Support Services for Flintshire County Council and that she would find out how long the waiting list was and inform Members.


Councillor Gladys Healey asked if they recruited school leavers who left school with no qualifications and low confidence.  The Service Manager for Children with Disabilities and Adults under 65 Years advised that referrals came through the mental health team but they needed to be over the age of 18.  The General Manager advised the Chair that they did not recruit apprentices.


The recommendation in the report was moved by Councillor Linda Thomas and seconded by Councillor Robert Davies.




That the progress and success of Double Click be noted.

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