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Reserved Matters Application for 24 Dwellings with Details of Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale Following Outline Approval 047624 and Variation of Condition Application 051481 at Dovedale, Alltami Road, Buckley (052914)


            That planning permission be granted subject to the conditions detailed in the report of the Chief Officer (Planning and Environment) without conditions 1 and 4 and the expansion of condition 10 to include reference to access to the common land. 



The Committee considered the report of the Chief Officer (Planning and Environment) in respect of this application.  The usual consultations had been undertaken and the responses received detailed in the report.  Additional comments received since the preparation of the report were circulated at the meeting. 


            The officer detailed the background to the report and drew Member’s attention to the late observation sheet where the correct site plan was included.  The principle of development had been addressed at the outline application stage and it had been considered that the proposal was acceptable in relation to space around dwellings and that there would be no detrimental impact on the area.  The late observations reported the removal of two conditions which were not required as part of this application as they had been covered by conditions on the outline application stage. 


            Mr. H. White spoke against the proposal and said that the site of the application adjoined the common at the northern side.  He felt that the details of landscaping and the relationship to the common land were not clear and that this information was not included in the Design and Access Statement.  Mr. White suggested that two of the driveways were across the visibility splay and vehicles reversing from the site would be a hazard.  His main concern was the lack of detail in the application.  


            Councillor Derek Butler proposed the recommendation for approval which was duly seconded. 


            The Local Member, Councillor Carol Ellis, concurred with the comments of Mr. White on the lack of detail and added that a public right of way bordered the site of this proposal.  An application for four additional houses was refused by Committee but the decision was overturned by the Inspector.  She reminded Members that the site had been used for landfill in the past and commented on the importance of the footpath and queried what was to happen to the hedgerow.  Councillor Ellis felt that it was an area of beauty and was near a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and that no details had been provided of how the footpath would be affected by the proposal or how the common land could be accessed.  She referred to the concerns raised by Buckley Town Council, who would have local knowledge of the problems generated by busy traffic on Alltami Road.  She commented on the health centre and the location of the proposed access to this site which would create a mini crossroads near a crossroads which Councillor Ellis was concerned about.  She had submitted complaints about the highways in the area but had not yet received a response but had been advised that no fatalities had taken place in the area.  She highlighted her grave concerns for public safety in the area and she felt that local knowledge should be respected.  She suggested that a condition should be imposed that Anwyl Construction upgrade the road. 


            Councillor Neville Phillips concurred and added that traffic concerns in the area were well documented and had been raised from the submission of the first application for the site. 


            In response, the Senior Engineer - Highways Development Controlconfirmed that Highways did not have any objections subject to conditions.  The access to the site had been discussed at the Informal Hearing when the outline consent was refused by Members and in response to the concerns raised by the Local Member, she confirmed that the junction would be monitored.  The Development Manager clarified that it was not appropriate to include this as a condition.   


            The officer responded to the comments about lack of detail and explained that it was normal to condition the details of landscaping and foul pumping station at this stage of an application.  She added that access to the common land could be served through the proposal for the landscape scheme.  In response to a query from Councillor Richard Lloyd on whether a traffic assessment could be undertaken, the officer explained that no highway safety issues had been identified and therefore an assessment was not necessary. 


            The Chief Officer (Planning and Environment) referred to Councillor Ellis’ comments about the common land and suggested that condition 10 could be expanded to include reference to access to the common land.


            In summing up, Councillor Derek Butler agreed to expand condition 10 as suggested and asked whether the conditions relating to the foul pumping station and site access could be strengthened; he was advised that the conditions reported were a summary of the conditions and that these items could be included in the full conditions.  




            That planning permission be granted subject to the conditions detailed in the report of the Chief Officer (Planning and Environment) without conditions 1 and 4 and the expansion of condition 10 to include reference to access to the common land. 


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