Issue - decisions

Garden Waste Services

11/04/2019 - The Review of Garden Waste Charges in Flintshire

(a)          That the Committee support the continuation of the charging policy for the Garden Waste Service for 2019 and in subsequent years;


(b)          That the Committee recommends Cabinet approves the continuation of the flat rate charging mechanism, without concessions and that the charge of £30 will continue to apply for each bin collection made during the 2019 season;


(c)          That the Committee recommends Cabinet approve that from 2019, the annual review of the Garden Waste charge should be included in the annual portfolio review of fees and charges; and


(d)       That the Committee recommends Cabinet approves the request to   Cabinet for the service to explore an alternative, technology based           system to monitor payments and notify the waste collectors of a paid   subscription, in readiness for the 2020 season and that £30k of the funds             raised in the 2018-19 financial year are set aside to fund the new    arrangement.