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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Recommissioning of Learning Disability Day and Work Opportunities Services ref: 1131418/06/202427/06/20240
Welsh Language Standards Annual Monitoring Report 2023/24 ref: 1130418/06/202427/06/20240
Audit Wales report (Use of Performance Information: Service User Perspective and Outcomes) ref: 1130318/06/202427/06/20240
Audit Wales: Equality Impact Assessments: more than a tick box exercise ref: 1130518/06/202427/06/20240
‘Together we can’ Community Resilience and Self-Reliance ref: 1130218/06/202427/06/20240
Housing Strategy Action Plan Performance Update ref: 1130118/06/202427/06/20240
Age Friendly Communities ref: 1130718/06/202427/06/20240
Insurance Services Contract Extension ref: 1131318/06/202427/06/20240
Deferred Charges Audit Report ref: 1130818/06/202427/06/20240
Destination Management ref: 1131018/06/202427/06/20240
Purchase of ‘buy backs’ using the Welsh Government (WG) Transitional Accommodation Capital Programme (TACP) ref: 1131218/06/202427/06/20240
Communal Heating Charges 2023/25 ref: 1131118/06/202427/06/20240
Social Services Care Inspectorate Wales, Performance Evaluation Inspection November 2023 – Action Plan Update ref: 1130618/06/202427/06/20240
Cracks in the Foundations Building Safety in Wales - Audit Wales Report ref: 1130918/06/202427/06/20240