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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Mid-year Performance Indicators for Recovery, Portfolio and Public Accountability Measures ref: 839803/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 838803/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Recovery Strategy Update ref: 847203/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Forward Work Programme and Action Tracking ref: 839403/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Community Transformation Project Update ref: 852903/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest (Including Whipping Declarations) ref: 838703/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Annual Report to include the “New Safeguarding Procedures” ref: 847303/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Supporting the Social Work Workforce ref: 853003/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Emergency Situation Briefing (Verbal) ref: 838903/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Recovery Strategy Update (Streetscene and Transportation Portfolio) ref: 851708/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Update on Alltami Depot Stores ref: 851808/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Forward Work Programme and Action Tracking ref: 851408/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Update on the Mold to Broughton Cycle Scheme and the Development of the County’s Core Cycle Network ref: 851508/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Recovery Strategy (Planning, Environment & Economy Portfolio) ref: 851608/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Emergency Situation Briefing (Verbal) ref: 851208/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 851108/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest (Including Whipping Declarations) ref: 851008/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Feedback on Welsh Government Proposals to Introduce Corporate Joint Committees ref: 851308/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Licensing Act 2003 - Application for variation of a Premises Licence ref: 850824/09/202024/09/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest (Including Whipping Declarations) ref: 850924/09/202024/09/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest (Including Whipping Declarations) ref: 850410/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 850510/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Hackney Carriage Fare Increase ref: 850610/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Appointment of Vice-Chair ref: 850310/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Safeguarding Training for Private Hire / Hackney Carriage Drivers ref: 850710/10/201910/10/2019Not for call-in
Attendance ref: 850228/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
060372 - A -Full Application - Siting of Log Cabin to Provide Ancillary Use to the Main Residential Dwelling and Siting of Static Caravan Temporary 12 Month period (Retrospective) at Brynsholyn, Cefn Road, Cilcain. ref: 849628/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
060783 - A - Full Application - Residential Development for 20 No. Dwellings and Associated Gardens and Car Parking at Ffordd Pandarus, Maes Pennant, Mostyn. ref: 850028/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
060855 - A -Reserved Matters - Application for the approval of reserved matters for residential development including access, open space & all associated works at Woodside Cottages, Bank Lane, Drury ref: 849428/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
060220 - R -Full application - Residential development for the erection of 97 dwellings including the provision of affordable units, areas of public open space, landscaping and associated works at New Brighton Road, New Brighton, Mold ref: 849328/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
061230 - A - Full application - Residential development including 15No. new housing units and the change of use/conversion of the former Infirmary Wing into 14No. apartments at Lluesty Hospital, Old Chester Road, Milwr, Holwyell ref: 849928/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
061229 - A - Full application - Demolition of conservatory to front of bungalow, and erection of single storey front extension at Marwin, Dolfechlas Road, Rhydymwyn ref: 849528/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 849028/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
061248 - A -Outline - Residential development consisting of 14 units with a mixture of 2 storey semi-detached and 3 storey detached dwellings at Spectrum Home & Garden Centre, Wrexham Road, Cefn-Y-Bedd ref: 849828/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
Late Observations ref: 848928/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
061489 - A -Full application - Retrospective change of use for operating site as B1, B2 and B8 uses for a temporary period of 18 months comprising the recycling and storage non-hazardous carpet waste and retention of existing buildings for offices an ref: 850128/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
061154 - R - Full application - Proposed residential development for 90 no. residential units of accommodation (of which 40% will be affordable and supported living), public open space, landscaping, means of highway and pedestrian access, local highw ref: 849728/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
Reports of Chief Officer (Planning, Environment & Economy) ref: 849228/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
Items to be deferred ref: 849128/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 848828/10/202028/10/2020Not for call-in
Overview & Scrutiny Annual report 2019/20 ref: 848408/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Capital Programme 2021/22 – 2023/24 ref: 848108/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Capital Strategy Including Prudential Indicators 2021/22 to 2023/24 ref: 848008/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 847608/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Questions ref: 848608/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Notice of Motion ref: 848708/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Review of Political Balance ref: 848208/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Petitions ref: 847808/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Audit Committee Annual Report ref: 848308/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 847708/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Chair's Communications ref: 847908/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Public Question Time ref: 848508/12/202008/12/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 847417/11/202017/11/2020Not for call-in
North Wales Economic Ambition Board - Final Growth Deal ref: 847517/11/202017/11/2020Not for call-in
Funding and Flight Path Update ref: 841207/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Investment and Funding Update ref: 841107/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Pension Administration /Communications Update ref: 841007/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Governance Update ref: 840907/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Pooling Investments in Wales ref: 840807/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Economic and Market Update and Investment Strategy and Manager Summary ref: 840707/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
McCloud Update and Consultation Response ref: 840607/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Clwyd Pension Fund Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20 ref: 840507/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Appointment of Vice Chair ref: 840307/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 840407/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest (Including Conflicts of Interest) ref: 840207/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Apologies ref: 840107/10/202007/10/2020Not for call-in
Minimum Revenue Provision Policy 2020/21 ref: 836218/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Treasury Management Strategy 2020/21 ref: 836118/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Tributes to the late Councillor Huw Llewellyn-Jones ref: 836818/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Tributes to the late Councillor Ken Iball ref: 836918/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Council Tax Setting 2020/21 ref: 836018/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Council Fund Revenue Budget 2020/21 Stage Three - Setting a Legal and Balanced Budget ref: 835918/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Members of the Press and Public in Attendance ref: 836718/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Notice of Motion ref: 836618/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Questions from Members on Committee Minutes ref: 836518/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Questions ref: 836418/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Public Question Time ref: 836318/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Petitions ref: 835818/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 835718/02/202018/02/2020Not for call-in
Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council ref: 837109/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in
Schedule of Meetings 2020/21 ref: 837509/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in
Constitutional Matters: Committees ref: 837409/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in
Appointment of the Cabinet by the Leader of the Council ref: 837309/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in
Election of the Leader of the Council ref: 837209/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in
Members of the Press and Public in Attendance ref: 837609/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 837009/09/202009/09/2020Not for call-in