Election results for Flint - Oakenholt / Fflint - Oakenholt

Town and Community Council / Cyngor Tref a Chymuned - Thursday, 4th May, 2017
Comparison with previous election

 Independent / Annibynnol Win Rita Johnson was elected with a majority of 5%. A total of 1373 votes were cast, representing a turnout of 28% .

Table of main parties and election candidates retaining deposit
Election CandidatePartyNumber%Status% Change
Rita JohnsonIndependent / Annibynnol39729%Newly electedn/a
Stephen CollingsWelsh Labour / Llafur Cymru33024%Newly electedn/a
Mike MooreIndependent / Annibynnol29221%Newly electedn/a
Lorna Belinda Jones18413%Newly electedn/a
Garry Jones17012%Outgoing12%