Election results for Buckley - Bistre East / Bwcle - Gorllewin Bistre

Town and Community Council / Cyngor Tref a Chymuned - Thursday, 5th May, 2022
Comparison with previous election

 Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru Win Vivienne Blondek was elected .

Table of main parties and election candidates retaining deposit
Election CandidatePartyNumber%Status% Change
Vivienne BlondekWelsh Labour / Llafur CymruNo contestNewly electedn/a
Adie DruryWelsh Labour / Llafur CymruNo contestNewly electedn/a
Julia Suzanne JonesIndependent / AnnibynnolNo contestRe-elected0%
Richard Brent JonesIndependent / AnnibynnolNo contestNewly electedn/a
Arnold WoolleyIndependent / AnnibynnolNo contestRe-elected0%